Do you have conversation meet ups?

We don't arrange any currently - but your best bet is joining a Meet Up group or attending a Mundo Lingo event! Also - don't forget your classmates, they probably want to practise with you :)

Do you have any events?

We try to throw an event every Term - but we also keep you updated about all the hispanic events going on around Melbourne via our Facebook page and our Newsletter!

Where should I study overseas?

If you're already going to Spain - why not considering taking a scholarship provided by El Patio at a school in Valladolid? Find out about that here.

Otherwise, Here is some information about schools where you can study Spanish that are accredited through the Instituto Cervantes.

Accredited centres in Spain
 The only school that we have heard about from El Patio students is Don Quijote.

Accredited centres throughout the world

Instituto Cervantes centres throughout the world

I hope that's helpful! Let me know if I can assist with anything else.

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