I can't come on some dates – can I come to a different class on those weeks?

Absolutely! We're flexible when it comes to attending alternative classes (catch ups) within the same Term. Most of the time we can find another class within that week that is covering the same material, but if not, we can at least get you an extra class or two to make up your hours. 

In any case, you'll receive an email with what you've missed in class and the details of any homework set. 

I work shift work – what can be done?

We’re very flexible when it comes to students who work shift work. Our classes run to course programs that our teachers follow – there’s always a little variation from group to group, but what this means is that, in principle, all classes of the same level will cover the same material each week. Which means you can attend catch-up classes in other groups without too much difficulty!

We suggest enrolling in a ‘home’ class, which is the class you’re likely to spend most time in, and then in the weeks you can’t make that class you could attend another of the same level running during the week. We allow all students up to 3 catch-up classes per Term, but if you need more flexibility due to your work we can accomodate.

The only thing we ask is to contact reception with your request, and to give a little bit of notice (where possible) so we can arrange the class swaps you need. 

I'm going to be away for weeks 7–10, can I pay pro-rata?

For students in your situation I would recommend attending catch-up classes to make up your hours during the weeks that you're here, as this is the cheapest option per class and means you get the most out of your studies.

If this is not a possibility, we do have part-course fees. These are calculated on a sliding scale – the more classes you take the cheaper the total fee. Just ask at reception.

How much homework is there?

For every 1.5-hour class you should expect around 1 hour of homework (so 2 hours for a 3-hour class). We highly recommend doing your homework. In general, the more time you spend working on your Spanish outside of class, the more you'll get out out of your time in class.

Answers (Soluciones) are found as follows for the different textbooks:

When are the classes held? 

Most of our students are either working or studying – so we normally offer classes in the evening from Monday–Thursday in both centres.

However we do have some daytime classes available: 

  • Wednesdays in the CBD
  • Fridays in Northcote
  • Saturday mornings in Northcote

You can see all available classes on our Enrol page. We also have printed timetables available at reception.

Should I take a 3-hour class or a 1.5-hour class?

Do as much as you can realistically commit to! 

If you do go with the 3-hour classes you’ll obviously reach your goals twice as fast. But you have to factor in the homework time (2 hours) and try not to miss classes – it’s much harder to catch up the 3-hour classes (there are not as many, if any, alternate 3-hour classes on the timetable to swap into).

Most people with full time jobs / young families / who are generally busy, find that 1.5-hour classes (with 1 hour homework each week) are about as much as they can commit to. 

So those are some things to weigh up! Bottom line – whatever you can commit to, is what will work.

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