Photo by Tim Trewern "Una Iglesia De Oaxaca" – participant in El Patio's 2018 Photo Competition

Travel is great!

Not only is it great but you learn so much about the world around you – and about yourself and others too. Travel is life’s classroom.

And our Travel Workshops are travel’s classroom … ok, ok, it’s a bit clunky/corny but you get the idea: in our Travel Workshops you learn what you need for travel.

Travel Workshop moments:

  • You know that moment when you’re trying to get from A to B and it’s 4am because the only bus leaves at 4:15am and you can’t find the bus? It’s a Travel Workshop moment.
  • Or once you’re finally on the bus not being able to communicate to the driver you want to get off? It’s a Travel Workshop moment.
  • Or how about that moment when you’re sitting in a restaurant and the only thing you recognise on the menu is Coca-Cola and your not entirely sure of what it is that the person next to you is eating? It’s a Travel Workshop moment.

There are so many Travel Workshop moments. Come along, get prepared and then head off on an adventure!

Travel Workshop: The Basics (1.5 hours)

Photo by Cherilia Poluan "Los tres amigos" – runner up in El Patio's 2018 Photo Competition

Don't know your hola from your adiós? Fear not! This 1.5hr workshop will give you the very basics - how to pronounce words, how to introduce and answer simple questions about yourself (What do you do, where are you heading?). A great first step to prepare yourself for a trip abroad!

What you workshop ...

  • greetings (¿cómo te llamas? ¿de dónde eres?)
  • pronunciation / the alphabet
  • asking / answering basic questions (name / nationality / profession / residence)
  • asking / saying where are you going (¿adónde vas? ¡voy a Buenos Aires!)

Click here for more information or to sign up!

Travel Workshop: Food & Drink (1.5 hours)

Photo by Lantry Lorenz "Razón suficiente para vivir en España" – participant in El Patio's 2018 Photo Competition

Want to make sure what you're ordering isn't a cold cactus salad (unless you actually ordered it)? Make sure you get the most out of your trip and enjoy the wonderful culinary delights of the Hispanic world - in this 1.5hr Workshop you'll learn how to order food and drink (and ask for the bill too).

What you workshop ...

  • vocabulary for food and drinks (¡tengo hambre!)
  • menus and ordering in a restaurant / bar (¿qué quieres comer?)
  • numbers (uno, dos, tres, cuatro … )
  • saying what you like / dislike (me gusta / no me gusta … )

Click here for more information or to sign up!

Travel Workshop: Directions & the City (1.5 hours)

Photo by Christophe Toscano "La Habana puesta de sol" – participant in El Patio's 2018 Photo Competition

Let's learn how to navigate around a city! Streets, plazas, stations - ask where they are and even understand the answer. Turn right, turn left and cross the road! This 1.5hr Workshop will give you the tools you need to find your way around.

What you workshop ...

  • vocabulary for different parts of the city (station / square / street ... ) (la estación / la plaza / la calle )
  • asking / saying where something is (¿dónde está? está en la calle ...)
  • asking / saying how to go somewhere (¿cómo voy? sigue todo recto, gire a la derecha ...)
  • asking / giving instructions for taking the metro (¡voy en metro!)

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Travel Workshop: Transport & Time (1.5 hours)

Photo by Denise Fraser "La Hora Pico, Trinidad" – participant in El Patio's 2018 Photo Competition

Travel is full of challenging transport moments. In this 1.5hr Workshop you'll learn to how to tell the time and get all the travel vocabulary you need to ride any bus/train/tram with confidence!

What you workshop ...

  • vocabulary for transport (de viaje)
  • asking / saying how you're travelling (¿cómo viajas? voy en tren / barco / avión ...)
  • telling the time (¿qué hora es? son las 5 de la tarde)
  • asking / saying what time transport leaves / arrives (¿a qué hora sale? sale a las 3 y media)
  • practice with timetables (los horarios)
  • asking / saying hours of opening / closing (¿a qué hora abre/cierra? abre/cierra a las 14:00)

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Enrol in a workshop!

Travel Workshop: Basics Tuesday July 10, 6.30-8pm MELBOURNE CBD
Travel Workshop: Food & Drink Thursday July 12, 6.30-8pm MELBOURNE CBD
Travel Workshop: Directions & the City Monday July 16, 6.30-8pm MELBOURNE CBD
Travel Workshop: Transport & Time Wednesday July 18, 6.30-8pm MELBOURNE CBD


Spanish for Travel

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Thu Jul 12


Mon Jul 16


Wed Jul 18


Fri Jul 20


Workshop Planner for Travel Workshops:

Spanish for Travel 5-Week Courses!

If you've got some time before you trip, why rush? You can take our whole Spanish for Travel 7.5hr course over 5 weeks. We run these all throughout the year, check out all the dates at the bottom of this page.

Not sure which course is right for your Spanish level? Test your Spanish level now!

Ready to start learning? Find a class and enrol now!

By Craig Burgess
May 17, 2018



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