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So you’ve decided to join a Spanish class? Fantastic! 

The first decision to make is whether you’re after some TRAVEL BASICS or MORE THAN THAT.


Perhaps you’re about to travel soon – you need some survival Spanish! You’re not so interested in the grammar or structure of the language, you just need to find your way around, get dinner and a beer without too many complications! 

If this sounds like you - take a Spanish for Travel a 5-wk short course! It's quick, fun and will get you the Spanish you need for a more comfortable and enjoyable trip.


This doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t learning for travel, but you want something more robust; you’ve got some time and you'd like to eventually be able to chat with locals. Or perhaps you’re learning because you love the language, want to boost your brain function or need a new challenge! These courses are for you because they progress to higher levels. The levels go in sequence from the very beginning until fluency.

Level one is Elementary 1. This course is for total beginners and gives you a strong introduction to the language as well a solid foundation for further study. The course is 15 hours and leads on to Elementary 2. It is available in a range of different course types depending on your availability and how quickly you aim to progress (see below).

You learn how to greet people and introduce yourself, talk about where you’re from, what you do and where you live. You also learn the alphabet, pronunciation, the numbers and get a basic understanding of the present tense. These are the first steps to get you speaking Spanish!


Then access the timetable here.


If you've got some time in April - why not complete a whole course during our Autumn Intensives?

What next?


There are many varieties of courses at El Patio - but keep in mind that the essential content of the first level is pretty much the same. You'll get a solid foundation in any of these courses.

The difference is the pace you choose to study at. Most people with full time work and other responsibilities find a 1.5hr class each week quite enough to commit to - and these are our most popular courses.

But for some, 1.5hrs is not nearly enough! So we created 3hr classes too. Obviously you reach your goals twice as fast in these! But you just need to be realistic about what you can commit to. The guiding rule here is that whatever you can stick to will work! 

ALL ROADS LEAD TO LIMA (... or Madrid, or Buenos Aires, or Havana ...)

Not sure which course is right for your Spanish level? Test your Spanish level now!

Ready to start learning? Find a class and enrol now!

By El Patio Spanish Language School
September 24, 2019



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