This year in the Autumn Workshops at the Melbourne centre, we're offering 10hr Conversation courses for Elementary, Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels over 4 fun-filled evenings.

And for beginners, we have the shorter 4.5hr Beginner Conversation course running over 3 evenings.

Plus, we've put together a selection of our most popular single-session Workshops.
The Autumn Workshops run between Terms 1 and 2 and are a great way to practise what you've been learning in class this year so far.

If you're new to El Patio, the Autumn Workshops are a perfect way to get started!


Conversation courses are designed to take all the little things you've learnt in class or elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking world and string them together into a flowing, coherent, confident ... CONVERSATION!

Sounds magical and it is.

We invite you to experience the wonders of speaking in Spanish with us this Autumn.

If you're a beginner the 4.5hr course is for you. Otherwise, jump in to a 10hr course at your level.

If you need a hand working out where you fit in, just get in touch.


There are 5 different levels of Conversation Courses with ALL NEW MATERIAL:

Beginner Conversation (4.5-hr short course) – practise and revise our first level. Perfect if you’ve completed Elementary 1 and want to consolidate what you've learnt before joining Elementary 2. Also great if you're new to Spanish studies but aren't a complete beginner.

Conversation Elementary (10-hr) – reviews topics studied up to Elementary 4 (about 60 hours of study). Practise present tense conjugations, the verb gustar, reflexive verbs, introduction to the first past tense: el pretérito perfecto.

Conversation Lower Intermediate (10-hr) – reinforces topics at Lower Intermediate levels (about 135 hours of study). Practise el pretérito indefinido, el pretérito imperfecto, estar+ gerundio, conditional, ir a + infinitivo.

Conversation Upper Intermediate (10-hr) – if you’ve completed around 180 hours of study. Practise the simple future, present subjunctive, el pretérito pluscuamperfecto, el imperativo and more.

Conversation Advanced (10-hr) – if you’ve completed 260 hours of study or more. Practise el pretérito imperfecto de subjuntivoel pretérito pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo and more.


What we need more of in life are opportunities to practise the really important things in a space where getting it wrong doesn't matter and where making mistakes is a welcome part of the process. Workshops are this space!

Work on the things you don't understand, in good company and with inspiring teachers.

Workshop it this Autumn in a 3hr Verb Workshop or in our two most popular 2hr Special Workshops.


Verb Workshop - Present (conjugation)

Get your present tense sorted!

  • Present tense – the most common and the most important of all. Master this tense to create a good foundation
  • Fall in love with the patterns of 7 categories of present tense - starting with the endings, through the various irregular verbs (eg: stem-changing, changes in the first person, etc) to totally irregular verbs (not that many)
  • Refine your reflexive verbs and the gustar (and others used like that)
  • Do some listening and gap-filling practice, to help make them feel familiar
  • Bask in your new-found, stress-free verb deployment in your Spanish sentences
  • Impress your classmates (and friends who understand) with your rapid, zero-time-lag conjugation of stem-changing verbs (for example)
  • Read more about Verb Workshop: Present (conjugation)

Verb Workshop - Present (uses)

Get a bit more sophisticated in the present tense!

  • Expand your use of the present tense with some more complex verb combinations
  • Enjoy a quick and painless way to talk about the futureVoy a estudiar mucho (I'm going to study hard)
  • Relish saying what you have to do – tener que (a very useful excuse formula)
  • Bring to fruition descriptions of how you're in the process of doing something – the flowing present progressive
  • Become alert to the very first past tense (perfecto), to open up your gamut of conversation
  • If you have realised Upper Elementary 1, this is the workshop for you
  • Read more about Verb Workshop: Present (uses)

Verb Workshop - Past (conjugation)

Open up the past with some meaty tenses!

  • Take pleasure in possessing a detailed overview of the conjugations of the magnificent pretérito indefinido
  • Complement that with a practice regime by category – to help you feel comfortable with it
  • Revel in finding out the specific situations when the indefinido is used
  • Enjoy the tiny amount of time needed to get the form of the imperfecto – because it's so simple (with only 3 irregulars)
  • Likewise, take in the wonderful situations when the imperfecto is used
  • Read more about Verb Workshop: Past (conjugation)

Verb Workshops - Past (uses)

Sound elegant when using the Spanish past tenses

  • Decide which past tense to use – indefinido, imperfecto or perfecto
  • Assimilate and master how to use the precious indefinido and the scintillating imperfecto together – this is unique to Spanish
  • Refine and polish up your knowledge with exercises – you'll eventually get it!
  • This is a nutshell version of Upper Elementary 2–3 and Lower Intermediate 3–5
  • Savour your new language, which will start to sparkle like that of an hispanohablante!
  • Read more about Verb Workshop: Past (uses)


Pronunciation & Accent Workshop (2 hours)

Beyond the basics of the alphabet, this 2hr workshop gets to grips with pronunciation. Work on the sounds of Spanish so that whatever you say sounds good. This workshop also looks at variation across the Hispanic world and the features of some key accents. 

This is what you workshop:

  • the sounds of Spanish: vowels and consonants
  • syllable stress
  • variation across the Spanish-speaking world
  • accents – including workshopping your own Spanish accent
  • lots of practice!

Click here for more information and to sign up 

Also check out Toni's blog: The Most Glamorous Beginner Spanish Hack - Pronunciation​

Ser or Estar Workshop (2 hours)

Every Spanish student's first major brain-twister, SER and ESTAR can seem like a complex bundle of verb-y confusion. This workshop is designed to demystify these two verbs. You get to pull them apart, look at them inside-out and clarify when to use them. Imagine how great it would be if SER and ESTAR made perfect sense - this workshop will put you on the right track.

This is what you workshop:

  • the present tense forms of the verb SER and ESTAR
  • the uses of SER
  • the uses of ESTAR
  • contrast SER / ESTAR
  • adjectives that change meaning when using SER or ESTAR

Click here for more information and to sign up 


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