Pain and Glory - El Patio's pick

The acclaimed and adored Pedro Almodóvar reunites with actors Antonio Banderas – who won the Cannes Best Actor prize – and Penélope Cruz in a vibrant, provocative and nostalgic homage to an endlessly fascinating topic: himself

4 Feet Blind

Eighteen-year-old Juana wants to lose her virginity. She refuses to let her wheelchair get in the way.

Call Confession

Piecing together motive is challenging detective work. But what if you’re the killer?


Gabriel and Héctor, two strangers in a coastal town, share a cigarette. The township murmurs of the devil start haunting Gabriel as he is increasingly drawn to his new companion.

It's Going to be Beautiful

At the US–Mexico border, eight prototypes for The Wall stand tall. A swarm of military officers, engineers and border agents climb, burrow and strike each of the walls in an attempt to break through.


A filmic happenstance brings together an architectural icon and a portrait of a young lady

Lucía en el limbo

On the cusp of womanhood, a girl decides to take matters into her own hands.


After Sara’s belongings are stolen by bullies at the pool, she must walk back home in her bikini. Along the way, she is confronted with a daunting offer of assistance.

The Size of Things

When Diego comes across an enigmatic wooden chair in the rainforest, his simple world is transformed.

The Whistlers

The Romanian New Wave ventures to the Canary Islands in Corneliu Porumboiu’s noir-ish crime caper, which takes more than a few cues from Hitchcock, gleefully name-checks John Ford and plays up the writer/director’s own offbeat sensibilities.

Too Late to Die Young

When democracy returns to Chile in 1990, a group of families flee the city in this emotionally poignant, visually sumptuous portrait of youth – the 2018 Locarno winner for Best Direction in the festival’s international competition.

Song Without a Name

The first film directed by a Peruvian woman to screen at Cannes is a visually striking, elegiac look back at Peru’s not-so-distant dark history.

Sea of Shadows

A Sundance Audience Award winner, Sea of Shadows is a riveting eco-thriller documenting the fight to save the world’s most endangered whale from a high-stakes black market involving Mexican cartels and the Chinese mafia.

Picture Character

It’s the 21st century’s lingua franca: a global pictorial alphabet that has turned our phones into a hotbed of smileys, eggplants and happy poops. Picture Character is the fascinating inside story of emojis, the world’s favourite conlang (constructed language).


In Aquarela, boundary-pushing documentary maker Victor Kossakovsky (¡Vivan Los Antipodas!, MIFF 2012) turns his unparalleled cinematic eye to the most fundamental of all subjects: water. A jaw-droppingly vivid collage of footage shot in Russia, Miami, Venezuela, Greenland and more, Aquarela is a globe-trotting and at times death-defying exercise in documentary filmmaking – a wordless, almost human-free meditation on water's capacity for both limitless creation and wholesale destruction.

Our Mothers

Winner of the Camera d’Or, Our Mothers takes a sensitive look at the effect of Guatemala’s brutal military dictatorship on the country’s women, who hold history together with resilience and dignity in the face of violence.

Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy

She’s been called the Mick Jagger of Mexican cuisine, but for nonagenarian chef and activist Diana Kennedy cooking is more than a mere profession: it’s an act of revolutionary culinary anthropology. And yes, you are making your guacamole wrong.


Winner of a Sundance Special Jury Award, Monosis a visually astounding, thrillingly original fever dream situated somewhere between Lord of the FliesApocalypse Now and Aguirre, the Wrath of God.

Los Reyes

Get up close and personal with two adorable stray dogs in this unusual documentary, which won the Special Jury Award at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

La Flor - Part 1

Settle in for 14 hours of remarkable filmmaking from iconoclastic Argentinean director Mariano Llinás, whose La Flor ups the ante on his 2008 Historias extraordinarias, taking his experiments in cinematic storytelling to unequalled new heights.

La Flor - Part 2

Part two of Argentine director Mariano Llinás’s audacious 14-hour adventure in cinematic storytelling again gives us a beginning without endings in a continuing showcase of the spectacular work of his four leads.

La Flor - Part 3

Maverick Argentine director Mariano Llinás’s monumental 14-hour feat of narrative exploration and explosion concludes with parts four, five and six, upending its own internal storytelling structures and rules and, finally, providing a finale.


Just one of Silvia’s problems would be enough to break most people – she’s under investigation for corruption, her mother is terminally ill and refusing treatment, and her five-year-old son is starting to ask awkward questions about his father.

Land of Ashes

Selva’s mother is gone in body, but her spirit lingers. The 13-year-old dotes on her ailing grandfather, but she cares more about him than vice-versa. And with elderly local woman Elena, she weathers a tumultuous love/hate relationship – until that, like much in her life, also proves fleeting.

Journey to a Mother's Room

A touching portrait of a mother-daughter relationship and life in an empty nest from one of Catalan cinema’s up-and-coming directors.

The Gasoline Thieves

A lovesick Mexican teen is lured into the volatile underground of oil bandits in this suspenseful Tribeca award winner

End of the Century

An erotically charged romance across two time periods set among the sun-drenched beaches and architecture of Barcelona.

Days Of The Whale

Debut director Catalina Arroyave Restrepo won a Special Jury Mention at SXSW for this free-spirited story of young love and defiance in the mean streets of Medellín, Colombia.

Dark Suns

Winner of the FACT Award at CPH:DOX, Dark Sunsis an epic investigation into decades of cartel-related violence and murder in Mexico and one of the most ambitious, damning and masterful documentaries of this year. 

The Cordillera of Dreams

Winning a Special Mention for Cannes’ coveted Golden Eye award for Documentary, the latest from Chilean master Patricio Guzmán completes his superb trilogy of personal and political reflection on his country’s landscape.

Buñuel in the Labyrinth of Turtles

This absorbing animated effort tells the tale behind an inimitable cinematic talent and one of his most controversial works: avant-garde Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel and his 1933 short documentary Las Hurdes

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By El Patio
July 27, 2019



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