Conversation Course Levels

Elementary 2 Conversation

Revisits the key topics of Elementary 2 - particularly the verb GUSTAR - with an emphasis on oral practice. This course is perfect if you've got a handle on the basics but need some confidence. It's an opportunity to try out what you've been learning in class.

Elememtary 3-4 Conversation (also suitable for Lower Intermediate 1 students)

Review and practise the topics studied up to the Elementary 4 (equivalent to A1 of CEFR), or if you have done around 45-75 hours of study (Elementary 3 - Lower Intermediate 1). This course is great if you would like to consolidate what you've been learning so far or if you have some knowledge of Spanish and would like to start studies at El Patio. Also good if you have studied some time ago and wish to return to study.

Lower Intermediate Conversation (Lower Intermediate 2 - Upper Intermediate 2)

Suitable if you have completed around 75-135 hours of Spanish study (Lower Intermediate 2 - Upper Intermediate 2) —if you have completed, or are currently in the Lower Intermediate levels (equivalent to A2 of CEFR), or if you have finished first year Spanish at uni. To take this course, it's good to have some understanding of the pretérito perfecto and pretérito indefinido past tenses. Depending on the level of the group, you'll also get some practice using the pretérito imperfecto. 

Upper Intermediate Conversation (Theme: Advertisments; Upper Intermediate 3 - Advanced 1)

This 5-hour course is suitable if you've completed approximately 135-180 hours of study (Upper Intermediate 3 - Advanced 1). Be guided through the cultural phenomena that is advertisments. Watch short videos each class and these will be used as a launching pad to discuss a wide range of topics.

Advanced/Superior Conversation - Hernán (Advanced 2 and beyond)

This 5-hour course is suitable if you've completed approximately 180 hours of study or more (Advanced 1 and beyond). You will also need to have watched the historical series - Hernán - available on SBS on Demand, as this will the focus of the weekly conversation. Learn more about the historical context, the main protagonists, and the theatrical production.


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2-Hour Workshops

If you've already got a bit under your belt, you've probably had questions about the use of SER or ESTAR, PRONUNCIATION and ACCENT, or similar confusing topics! We've got you covered here too with our Special Workshops! We are offering 2 short-and-sweet 2hr Special Workshops on Saturday 29 August that are designed to address the most common but easy-to-fix difficulties. Working through a small problem makes a BIG difference in your Spanish!


Ser or Estar

Every Spanish student's first major brain-twister, SER and ESTAR can seem like a complex bundle of verb-y confusion. This workshop is designed to demystify these two verbs. You get to pull them apart, look at them inside-out and clarify when to use them. Imagine how great it would be if SER and ESTAR made perfect sense - this workshop will put you on the right track.


Pronunciation and Accent

Beyond the basics of the alphabet, this 2hr workshop gets to grips with pronunciation. Work on the sounds of Spanish so that whatever you say sounds good. This workshop also looks at variation across the Hispanic world and the features of some key accents. 

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To enrol in one these 2-hour workshops on Saturday 29 August, visit: Term 3, 2-hour Workshops

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