Much has been written about the significant changes we have all experienced in recent months. Perhaps one of the most notable shifts is the physical confinement to our homes – they have quickly adapted to become places of work, study, home schooling and beyond.  

To break with the potential monotony of the same four walls, you may have already tried your hand at sourdough baking, only to find that your starter is languishing in the back of your fridge. Or you invested in a ukulele, mastered three chords and its sad strings, strummed no more, gather dust in the corner of your bedroom. Well, perhaps your next venture should be learning Spanish during lockdown!

The author's attempt at sourdough pre-lockdown

Who choose Spanish?

Se habla español - photo courtesy of PickPik

By any measure, Spanish is a widely spoken language. The Ethnologue 2019 report identifies Spanish as the language with the second-most number of native speakers (behind only Mandarin) and fourth-most number of total speakers when including second- and third-language speakers.

An official language in over 20 countries, Spanish has a long history and reach, and offers an incredible diversity of accompanying cultures for anyone considering learning a new language.

Why learn Spanish during lockdown?

While we may find that in the outside world there is a prevailing sense of uncertainty and international travel is more a distant dream, than reality, there has in fact never been a better time to start learning Spanish. Some of the previous obstacles to starting, such as finding time, or location, are no longer a challenge with our live online classes! 

Before long new words will be rolling off your tongue...

Learning a language differs from baking or mastering an instrument in that it is a social and communicative experience. When you join a Spanish class you find a community of likeminded people who want to engage with more than just the words on the page. Some of the many benefits of learning Spanish include exposure to new cultural content

  • Music - think flamenco guitar, cumbia, merengue, Chavela Vargas (and so much more)
  • Art and Architecture - Frida Kahlo, Fernando Botero, Antoni Gaudí
  • Literature - Isabel Allende, Luis Sepúlveda, Frederico García Lorca
  • Film and TV - Roma, Pedro Almodóvar, Amores Perros
  • History - rich Indigeneous histories of Latin America, the Moors in Spain
  • Food - Pintxos, tapas, mole, empanadas
  • Sport - famous football teams, tennis stars, Colombian cyclists!

A Frida Kahlo mural

These are just some examples from a whole Hispanic world that awaits your discovery.  

When you connect with this community of students, together you go through the ups and downs of language acquisition. Whether it’s gendered nouns, prepositions, or tricky verb tenses, rest assured that you are not alone as you grapple with and begin to understand these parts of speech.  

El Patio is here to help!

With our expert team of teachers you can be assured that whether you are a total beginner, someone continuing with the language or returning after a hiatus, we will have the right course for you. Visit our Enrol page to see a list of available courses, with start dates and prices. If you have any questions at all about starting out, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Don’t forget to also check out our blog about our online classes and how these have been going!

We look forward to helping you start or continue with your Spanish journey!

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