La boda de Rosa (Rosa's Wedding) - Spain

Rosa is as a woman who decides to take charge of her life after always putting others first. About to turn 45 and working as a seamstress, Rosa finds herself overwhelmed by the demands of her many family members, friends and neighbours and decides to leave everything behind and move to her childhood home in the scenic coastal town of Benicàssim and – much to the consternation of her family – announces her engagement to someone that those around her can’t quite accept or believe in.

Rosa’s Wedding is a life-affirming call to self-empowerment and independence.


Genre: Drama, Comedy

Director: Icíar Bollaín

La hija de un ladrón (A Thief's Daughter) - Spain

Caring for her baby and her younger brother whilst trying to maintain her relationship with her partner, Sara dreams of a blissful family life in Barcelona. But when her troubled father suddenly reappears in her life after his release from jail, the young woman is forced to make some difficult decisions: support her father or prioritise the welfare of her young family?

A Thief’s Daughter is a moving and courageous exploration of family, duty and strength when life keeps presenting you with seemingly insurmountable hurdles.


Genre: Drama

Director: Belén Funes

La Odisea de los giles (Heroic Losers) - Argentina

Heroic Losers is a classic underdog adventure featuring the superb Ricardo Darín and his real-life son Chino on screen together for the first time. The movie is a homespun Argentine Ocean’s 11 about a retired soccer star who joins forces with other locals in their small town to run a co-op to help their community. But when they fall prey to a deceptive, sleazy banker, they risk losing everything – unless their crazy plan to steal back their own money actually works.

It is a rousing tale of working-class solidarity and collective revenge.

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Crime

Director:  Sebastián Borensztein

Ema - Chile

Ema is an incendiary drama about a very talented young dancer and teacher who is dealing with the aftermath of an adoption gone wrong as her household falls apart. Her choreographer husband (Gael García Bernal) blames her and the marriage is in trouble. 

Ema is a tale of passion, art, performance and chaos.


Genre: Drama

Director: Pablo Larraín

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