In our new HYBRID classes you can choose to attend the same class either Online or Face-to-Face in one of our centres.

In each HYBRID classroom, there is a video conference camera featuring a 360° lens, so that people at home can see around the whole table. This camera also has built-in microphones and a speaker, so everyone can be both seen and heard. We then stream the Zoom meeting onto a large TV so we can see everyone's lovely faces. The TV also doubles as a whiteboard! 

Our team has worked tirelessly to adapt to this new form of delivery. We quickly learnt new technologies and teaching techniques to bring you the best possible experience, whether at home or in person.

So what do our students think?

Halfway through the first Term in which we rolled out HYBRID classes, we decided to conduct a survey to find out how students were finding it. By this time we hoped students had a chance to attend both Online and Face-to-Face, to get a sense of the whole experience.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! 

  • Two thirds of students said they'd prefer their class to remain Hybrid next Term over it being either Online or In-Person

  • In response to the question “Have you been enjoying your classes this Term” the overall response was an average of 8.99 out of 10

  • Would our students recommend HYBRID classes to their family and friends? They responded with an average likelihood of 8.2 out of 10 

Here's some of what you had to say:

"I love the hybrid classes! Please please continue them! It gives me the option to still go to class if I get home late from work, am super tired or am sick (important coming into winter/flu season). The flexibility is such a great thing and the setup of the classes seems to be working really well"  Upper Intermediate 5 Student

"Hybrid is a great option as it allows students more flexibility regarding being able to attend, even where illness or time constraints might cause absences in the previous physical class only model. Please continue hybrid classes."​ Advanced 3 Student

"I think the hybrid class is working surprisingly well. I was skeptical, and I do much prefer being in class face to face but as we’ve just gotten a new dog, it has been really helpful to do the class online while he’s settling in, and we may need to do it every now and again in future." Upper Intermediate 2 Student

"This may be dependent on teacher but Mar has been absolutely exceptional at managing online and face-to-face combo. It's felt really seamless and though I probably prefered my lesson in-class slightly, I have needed to attend remotely for the past few weeks and this has only been possible with hybrid. At the very least, I don't feel like hybrid is any less effective/efficient than all-remote."  Upper Intermediate 2 Student

"its very handy, one lesson I was unwell but still able to attend and the last 2 this term I will not have to miss as I will be on holiday but can still do my classes" Elementary 4 Student

"I really like being able to choose!" Lower Intermediate 5 Student

"The hybrid model works really well! I have pretty poor listening in Spanish, but I seem to be able to understand more of what the teachers says when I'm online. Perhaps that's because all I have to focus on are the words, and nothing else. It's so convenient to study from home and I can still interact with all of the other class members - it's really good... I'm really loving the hybrid class, thank you so much for offering them." Elementary 4 Student

"Love the flexibility of the hybrid class and feel teaching is certainly not compromised in any way. Well Done El Patio!" Upper Intermediate 3 Student

So where is there room for improvement?

We're thrilled our students have responded so positively to our HYBRID classes. While they can be challenging to deliver, we know that they are the way of the future and that students will still expect this flexibility long after the COVID crisis has passed.

That's not to say that there aren't improvements to be made! 

There were two main areas of concern voiced by students:


Audio Quality

Audio is one of the biggest challenges in a setting like this. To temper expectations: short of putting a microphone in front of every student, the quality will never be as good as a regular Zoom class (where every student DOES have a microphone directly in front of them).

However, there are things we can all do to improve the listening experience for those at home:

  • Speaking up and direct your voice towards the microphone
  • Taking turns to talk – even raising your hand instead of interjecting can be helpful
  • Limiting background noise as much as possible (private conversations, the rustling of bags/pages, scraping of chairs on the ground, etc.) 
  • Sitting as close to the front as you can – the closer you are to the microphone the better! It can be tempting to spread out and sit far away, but it's better to avoid this as much as possible.

Learn more about how to interact in a Hybrid class here.

With a bit of awareness, we can all contribute to helping the students at home follow the class and hear everything clearly! 

Pair Work

HYBRID classes need to have a delicate balance of students, with enough both Online and In-Person. However sometimes this balance is not reached, there may only be one or two people online or in the classroom. The biggest problem this presents is how we do pairwork.

It is much easier technically to pair up those in the classroom together, and those online together - but this can be a problem if you're the only one there, or if you keep getting paired up with the same person all the time! 

Here are some steps we're considering:

  • Trying to condense smaller classes where there is a higher likelihood of this scenario playing out
  • Encouraging teachers to pair up Online and Classroom students together (this will need a bit of creativity!)
  • Asking students to take turns to be Online if there is usually a solo student in that class.

HYBRID - Here to stay!

Even with some challenges and technical difficulties, the verdict is in: our students love HYBRID.

So, it looks like HYBRID is here to stay! And hey, we can only get better from here!

Want to join a HYBRID class? Head to the ENROL page and look for the word "HYBRID" in the class name.

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