The 2022 Moro Spanish Film Festival brings 34 Spanish and Latin American films to audiences here in Australia. The team at El Patio has picked out 6 of our favourites for you to enjoy, complete with a brief description and viewing times - so read on for our top Spanish Film Festival recommendations!

PICK #1: Chavalas (Girlfriends)

After losing her job as a photographer at a cutting-edge fashion magazine, Marta (Vicky Luengo, Barcelona Summer Night) finds herself forced to abandon the cool, modern world she always dreamed of being part of and return to the old-fashioned, working-class neighborhood where she grew up. There, she is reunited with her inseparable childhood friends Desi (Carolina Yuste, Carmen & Lola, also in The Cover), Soraya (Angela Cervantes) and Bea (Elisabet Casanovas), and she soon finds herself catapulted back into their authentic, tragicomic friendship.


PICK #2: Carajita

A potent, compelling drama set in the Domincan Republic, Carajita paints a picture of the social structure of Central America through the story of three women. For Sara (the outstanding Cecile Van Welie), her nanny, Yarisa (Magnolia Núñez), is the most important person she can relate to, with their relationship transcending their class and race. The young adult from Santo Domingo’s upper class is therefore delighted to have Yarisa by her side when her family moves to the coastal town of Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic after several years absence. But for Yarisa, the family’s long - serving maid, the move means a return to her hometown - and to her biological daughter Mallory (Adelanny Padilla), whom she left behind. Sara and Mallory become friends. But soon, an accident occurs that exposes the deep social tears within this fabric of relationships and tests intimate loyalties.


PICK #3: Inmersión (Immersion)

A mysterious thriller featuring Chilean star and Pablo Larraín regular Alfredo Castro (White on White), Immersion revolves around a middle-class father who takes his two daughters to their dilapidated lakeside family house in southern Chile. Out sailing on a yacht one day, the tranquil day of Ricardo (Castro) and his daughters (Consuelo Carreño and Mariela Mignot) takes a turn when the trio see three young local fishermen waving at them from another boat which is rapidly taking on water. Despite his daughters’ protests, Ricardo refuses to go and help, arguing they look suspicious.


PICK #4: El año de la furia (The Year of Fury)

In 1972 Uruguay, a year before the military coup, Diego and Leonardo (Joaquín Furriel and Alberto Amman), two writers of a well-known TV comedy show, struggle to maintain their integrity under the pressure they receive to tone down their political satires against the military. On the side of the oppressors, Rojas (Daniel Grao, Julieta), a lieutenant in charge of torturing subversive youth, finds emotional refuge in his relationship with prostitute Susana (Martina Gusmán). Slowly, their lives are deeply impacted by the oppressive and increasingly tense atmosphere that envelops Montevideo and almost all of them come together in a hostel run by a Spanish woman (Maribel Verdú).


PICK #5: Amor de Película (The Big Love Picture)

A romantic comedy about first impressions and second chances, The Big Love Picture tells the story of Martín (Nicolás Furtado) and Vera (Natalie Pérez), who have been together for seven years. While she has become a successful actress, he has yet to make make it as a film director. Martín works hard to carry out his dream, without realising that he is not paying attention to their relationship. Tired of always being second to Martin’s dreams, Vera proposes that they separate.



Saturday 7, May 6:30 PM


Sunday 8, May 4:15 PM


Saturday 30, April 6:00 PM


Saturday 14, May 6:30 PM


PICK #6: Amalgama (Amalgam)

Four dentists, three men and a woman, meet at a yearly dental conference in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico. While two of them are old friends and rivals, the other two have only gotten to know each other at past conferences, yet their relationships are not what they seem. Each of them is running from their own painful story. So, when they escape to a small nearby paradise island where they can party with privacy, the coexistence between the four will erupt.


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