So you’ve decided to jump into Spanish? Fantastic! We have HEAPS of beginner classes to get you going! The trick is finding the right one for you. Here's a little guide to help you make that leap, and ensure you get the most out of your classes.



The first decision to make is whether you’re after a CRASH COURSE or SOMETHING DEEPER.

If you’re after a CRASH COURSE it’s likely you’re about to travel soon – you need some survival Spanish! You’re not so much interested in the grammar and structure of sentences, you just need to find your way around, get yourself dinner and a beer without too many complications! These courses will help you get your tongue around a phrasebook, and make the experience of travel a bit easier for you. 

If you’re extremely time poor and need a CRASH COURSE, you can take a 4-hr workshop to get you ready – you want Spanish in a Hurry.

If you’ve got a bit more time than that, you can take a Spanish for Travel a 5-wk short course!


If you’re after SOMETHING DEEPER, it doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t learning for travel, but you want something more robust; you’ve got a bit more time and you'd like to eventually be able to chat with locals. Or perhaps you’re learning for your partner, for work or just want a new challenge! These courses are for you because they progress to higher levels. The levels go in sequence from the very beginning until fluency. It usually takes many years to reach a level of fluency, but our rule of thumb is that you should be able to conduct a basic conversation after 6 levels.

SOMETHING DEEPER sounds right? You’re about to really enter the world of Spanish! The question is: how much can you realistically dedicate to Spanish each week? If you choose a 3-hr class, you will obviously reach your goals twice as fast! However it’s important to factor in the homework time (an extra 2 hours each week). The 1.5-hr lessons only require around 1 hour of extra homework each week, so these are ideal if you are quite busy! 

If you’ve decided on the 1.5-hr classes, you have a choice of how to start. If you’re not sure if Spanish (or our school) is your cup of tea yet, you could take an Introductory Course to TEST THE WATERS. We’ve shortened our first level, and provide you with photocopies (rather than requiring textbooks), allowing you to test out Spanish without investing too much at first. The great thing is, if you want to continue you’re prepared to jump in to the next level with another group afterwards! If this sounds good to you, you’ll want to find an El Cheapo Introductory class.

If you’re ready to DIVE RIGHT IN this means you’re committed! You’re ready to get the textbooks and you’d like to stay with the class time you’ve chosen. What's awesome about this is that we offer the next level with your group, at the same time in the next Term. This means you can get into a routine that fits seamlessly into your life for the long term – and there’s a good chance you’ll have lots of new friends from class who want to continue on to the next level with you! Learning a language is a social endeavour after all.

Go ahead and find an Elementary 1 class!


You’re keen for a 3-hr class per week? Strap yourself in; you’re going to get a SINGLE SHOT or DOUBLE SHOT

Our SINGLE SHOT is 15 hours over 5 weeks and you’ll complete our first level.

If you’re asking for a DOUBLE SHOT you’ll have 30 hours over 10 weeks and have the first 2 levels under your belt! 

SINGLE SHOT – Rápido Elementary 1

DOUBLE SHOTExpress 1 & 2 

Keep in mind after all is said and done, you can only work within your schedule. Your choice may be made up for you depending on the timetable! Whichever way you choose to start, it’s still your first exciting step into the Hispanic world!

See all our classes and enrol here!

Not sure which course is right for your Spanish level? Test your Spanish level now!

Ready to start learning? Find a class and enrol now!

By Penelope Ray
August 18, 2016



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