The dream of online classes

It’s been a bit of a dream of ours to create online classes, especially for beginners.

After much planning, preparation, script writing, filming, editing and other creating, we are very excited to present Beginner Basics 1 and Beginner Basics 2.

The classes star El Patio teachers Clara, Nuria, Isidro and Sol in HD videos. The videos give you an opportunity to see the basic conversations you learn in class on screen – excellent for getting your pronunciation happening and for learning important basic phrases.

Apart from the videos, the online classes have detailed explanations of the topics covered – everything from saying your name to understanding grammatical gender. The explanations have examples with audio files so you can listen and read at the same time.

Beginner Basics 1 & 2 for desktop, tablet or phone

Some highlights from Beginner Basics 1 & 2

Beginner Basics 1 is excellent for getting the basics in place – amongst other things, learn to ask and respond to three very important questions:

¿Cómo te llamas (tú)?
¿De dónde eres (tú)?
¿Dónde vives (tú)?
What's your name?
Where are you from?
Where do you live?

If after watching these videos, you master just these three questions, then you’re already making excellent progress.

In Beginner Basics 2, another gem is the series of videos for each letter of the alphabet. Each letter – along with words that use it – is clearly spoken by Sol (from Spain) and Clara (from Peru). This gives you an opportunity to really get to grips with how each letter sounds and gives you ample material to practise at home.

The alphabet videos also give you an appreciation of two different accents – one from Spain and the other from Peru. These two accents represent the main differences between the Spanish that is spoken in Central and Northern Spain, known as Castilian in English (from Castile where the language was born), and the Spanish that is spoken in Southern Spain, the Canary Islands and Hispanic America, referred to in English as Atlantic Spanish.   

Very cool!

So how does it work?

We’ve made the online classes so that they can be accessed from within your student login. Once you purchase a class, it is activated in the ‘My Courses’ section – just click on Beginner Basics 1 or Beginner Basics 2, depending on which one you’ve purchased. Obviously, if you've purchased both, then you have two to chose from!

The online classes are designed so that they can be used on desktop computers, tablets and on phones. The classes are broken up into sections that you can access via the side menu or drop down list.

Here's a sample video ...

And some explanations with audio ...

To say where you live in Spanish, say:

  • (yo) vivo en ... 
I live in ...

... and the name of the place you live.


Speak iconRead the phrases below out loud. Listen to the recording to help with pronunciation.


  • (yo) vivo en Melbourne
I live in Melbourne
  • (yo) vivo en Lima
I live in Lima
  • (yo) vivo en Valencia*
I live in Valencia
  • (yo) vivo en Cuernavaca
I live in Cuernavaca

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