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A compact, Online Course for Travel and Conversation

Spanish in a Suitcase is a course that introduces you to Spanish from the angle of travel and conversation.

It differs from our other beginner courses as it is more about usage than grammar (although it does have optional grammar sections if you're inclined). So you may start using Spanish quicker than you think!

We have made it as concise as possible, so it gets straight into the topics and phrases you'll likely use in travel and conversational situations.

The distinguishing feature of this course is the audio that accompanies the Spanish, throughout. You'll hear some of El Patio's talented teachers – with a variety of accents! 

Here are some reasons why this course could be for you:

  • It is perfect if you'd like to begin learning Spanish, but don't have the time, schedule nor inclination to join a group class
  • It progresses through the material in a careful, staged manner
  • It is very useful if you've studied before and would like to refresh your basic knowledge
  • It is great as a complement to one of our regular group courses
  • The quantity of audio gives you the opportunity to refine your pronunciation
  • Special grammatical explanations help you gain a rudimentary understanding of how it is put together
  • We've tried to avoid excess Spanish, so that what you learn in this course can be used immediately

What you learn ...

  • Greetings, name, nationality
  • Alphabet, pronunciation and numbers
  • Ordering food with menu examples
  • Getting around town
  • Asking and giving directions
  • Transport, telling the time
  • Hours of opening and closing
  • Vocabulary around the beach, the countryside, the hotel
  • Vocabulary around the body, some problems
  • Basic conversations using all the above!
  • Audio for all the written Spanish
  • Basic grammatical explanations if you're interested in that!

Sample: Basic Questions and Answers

a) ¿Cómo te llamas (tú)? - What is your name? (i)
b) ¿Cómo se llama (usted)? - What is your name? (f)
c) Soy Isidro - I’m Isidro
    Me llamo Isidro - My name is Isidro
    Mi nombre es Isidro - My name is Isidro    
d) ¿De dónde eres (tú)? - Where are you from? (i)
e) ¿De dónde es (usted)? - Where are you from? (f)
f) Soy de México - I am from Mexico
g) Soy mexicano - I am Mexican (male)
h) Soy mexicana - I am Mexican (female)
i) Somos mexicanos - We are Mexican (male plural, or male and female plural)
j) Somos mexicanas - We are Mexican (female plural)

Sample: Asking Someone Where they're Going

a) A.  ¿Adónde vas (tú)?
    B.  Voy a Madrid, ¿y tú?
    A.  Voy a Sevilla.

b) A.  ¿Adónde va (usted)?
    B.  Primero voy a Perú, luego voy a Bolivia y después voy a Chile.

c) A.  ¿Adónde váis (vosotros)?
    B.  Primero vamos a Nicaragua, luego vamos a Costa Rica y después vamos a Panamá.

d) A.  ¿Adónde van (ustedes)?
    B.  Vamos a La Habana, a Cuba.

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