Bienvenidas / bienvenidos, welcome to all our beginner students

If you've just started studying at El Patio right at the beginning, here are some ideas about how to get the most out of your course for your future success with speaking Spanish.

Are you a beginner? Here's some extra help …

To complement the first part of our beginner courses we've created two online classes - Beginner Basics 1 and Beginner Basics 2. These classes cover the material you see in the first part of your course. Learn greetings, how to say your name, where you're from, where you live and what you do, plus the essentials of pronunciation and the alphabet.

I Learn Spanish! ... Zac Powell

Meet Zac! Zac's initial steps into the Spanish speaking world felt like a bit of a stumble. But fast-forward two years later, and Zac's zooming through the El Patio levels (Upper Intermediate 2 already?)! For someone who considers himself more of a maths nerd than a language aficionado - we think Zac's caught the language bug very quickly! In this interview, find out how Zac tackles common problems, finds motivation and what he does outside of class to keep his Spanish flowing.

Receta de gambas a la plancha (Grilled Prawns Recipe) [A1/A2]

Prawns! They're the perfect Summer treat. In Ana's latest recipe, read how simple it is to make one of the most popular raciones (share-plates) served in Spanish bars.

Put a shrimp on the barbie with us! We've included translations and - as a little extra - some common Spanish expressions about prawns

Myths and Legends Behind the Mojito

So light and simple, the mojito is a perfectly refreshing potion with an irresistible punchiness. This humble cocktail has many famous fanciers: Ernest Hemmingway, Brigitte Bardot and even James Bond (when he's not drinking martinis).

Some say the mojito is magic - that 'mojito' literally means 'to cast a little spell'. In this article, get bewitched by the marvellous Cuban brew and learn all the tricks to making the perfect one too!

El club del cuento [B2, C1, C2]

El club del cuento es un curso corto de conversación dirigido a estudiantes de nivel avanzado y superior (B2, C1, C2). Consiste en cinco sesiones de hora y media cada una.

I Teach Spanish! …Monika Lewandowska

Monika is one of those teachers who instantly lights up a room. Her infectious energy has led to what can only be called a 'cult following' - so many students just can't get enough of Monika!

Monika (from Poland) is living proof that being a fantastic Spanish teacher doesn't mean you have to be a native Spanish speaker. In fact, learning from a teacher that has themselves learnt the language from scratch has many amazing advantages.

Surrealist games and the wondrous creations of Upper Elementary 3 [A2]

In this blog, come discover the artwork and writings of Craig's Upper Elementary 3 class and a simple surrealist game, perfect for learning new vocab - particularly the parts of the body.

Get your mouth around el indefinido! [A2]

El pretérito indefinido or pretérito perfecto simple (simple past) is one of the most challenging tenses to master and pronunciation can be tricky. This blog has audio of some key verbs - both regular and irregular. So skill up on this very useful past tense.

Tortilla española and a bit about vosotros/as! [A1/A2]

Now that summer is finally upon us, there's nothing like preparing a Spanish potato omelette (tortilla española) for picnics, barbeques, and parties. Besides being one of the simplest dishes to prepare, it can be easily cut, packed, shared - and of course it's ideal to eat with wine and other tapas.

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