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Are you a BEGINNER - and wonder what it would be like to start Spanish language classes ONLINE? Why not GIVE IT A TRY for FREE!

All of our courses moved online in March this year (2020), and we're pleased to see that so many students have continued their learning, finding the online lessons positively warm and welcoming. Some are even hoping the classes will continue online when we can go back to face-to-face!

When will El Patio reopen? What will 2021 bring?

Many of us would prefer to return to face-to-face classes, but that is a decision not to be made by us, nor even the state government, but rather, the volatility of the pandemic. By now we are all well-practiced in social distancing, extreme hygiene, the wearing of masks, as well as following safe-distance signage. This would definitely be helpful with compliance of any restrictive measures with regard opening El Patio's classrooms. But having been through lockdowns also make us wary of rushing back to gatherings together.

Summer Intensives! January 11 - 23!

With 2021 is just around the corner and the weather warming up, it's time to look ahead! Why not join us for our Summer Intensives (January 11-23) - an exciting two weeks with plenty of study options! This is a chance to boost your level in a way that would normally take many months. Along with our first three Elementary levels (Elementary 1, 2, and 3), we offer FULL 15hr Conversation Courses and a range of SPECIAL WORKSHOPS.

New courses starting soon!

Australia's best online Spanish language school! Learn Spanish socially - we can't travel, but we can connect with others and have a brain workout at the same time.

Conversation Courses, Workshops and More!

Add a little more to your study and focus on improving some key areas in your Spanish in Term 4 by joining a Conversation Course, Workshop or Escape Room.

Our 5-hour ONLINE Conversation courses are back for Term 4 and are available at a range of levels! They are designed to take all the little things you've learnt in class or elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking world and string them together into a flowing, coherent, confident ... CONVERSATION!

We also have some of our popular 2-hour WORKSHOPS returning!

Term 4 - Spring into Spanish from home!

The current COVID19 situation in Melbourne means that returning to the physical classroom and face-to-face learning will be put on hold a little longer. The good news is that our online classes have been a great success - so it's possible to begin, or continue, learning Spanish at El Patio with our amazing teachers.

Read on to find out more about our decision to continue delivering all of our classes online.

Empanada & Arepa Cooking Classes!

EL PATIO PRESENTS our first-ever cooking class:

Empanadas & Arepas, Live & At-Home!

Cook and chat alongside Paula, learning all the secrets to make the perfect empanada and arepa at home! Doughs, cooking styles, salsas - learn it all!


En el trimestre 4 (Term 4, 2020) El Patio ofrece un curso de conversación de nivel intermedio alto/ avanzado/superior (B1/B2/C1), en torno a la nueva serie "Hernán" que actualmente se emite en el canal de televisión SBS. La coproducción hispano-mexicana corresponde al periodo histórico que va desde la llegada de Hernán Cortés a la costa mexicana hasta la caída de la ciudad de Tenochtitlan, la actual Ciudad de México. Lee más ...

Know Your Salsa

We love salsa! Not just the dance, but also the food! While both are equally important in Latin culture, one is significantly easier to do than the other!

Simply made from chopped fresh ingredients, they can be spicy or mild and there is no need to cook them! Salsas are a very distinct aspect of Latin cuisine, learn more about them here!

"Los posesivos" and their place in the Spanish Language!

My, yours, his, hers... the posesivo (possessive) in Spanish will allow you to describe ownership and ask others questions about whether something belongs to them! Take a look at our quick grammar guide to get your posesivo skills ship-shape!

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