Keep the fiesta going all semana!

"Al mal tiempo buena cara" ("to bad weather, good face") means to be strong in face of adversity - and what better way to do that (and keep warm) than by dancing!

Melbourne may be cool right now, but we know the hottest places in town; where you can take dance classes, listen to music and fiesta the week away.

Join us and say good bye to the cold with groovy moves and hip swirls!

El Patio's guide to the 2022 Moro Spanish Film Festival!

It's that time of the year again, and the Moro Spanish Film Festival is back with a brand new range of Hispanic cinema for 2022! With movies from Spain to Uruguay, the Dominican Republic and beyond, take a look at El Patio's top 2022 Spanish Film Festival recommendations!

Johnston St Fiesta is BACK! Sat & Sun, Feb 26 & 27

The Johnston St Festival is Melbourne's most happening and celebrated Hispanic party on the event calendar. Out of lockdown for its 42nd year, it never fails to draw a big, loud and rambunctious crowd.

El Patio's Hispanic Trivia Night!

Think you know about Hispanic culture? Come and put yourself to the test at our HISPANIC TRIVIA NIGHT, hosted by Linda on Zoom.

Get a team of your friends or classmates together, or sign up by yourself and we'll assign you to a group.

Our Hispanic Trivia night is open to ALL levels, Spanish and English speakers alike!

Winter Intensives! July 5 - 16

The weather is getting colder, so it's time to learn some more Spanish to warm up our hearts.

Join us for Winter Intensives from home, or come to our cozy Northcote centre for two exciting weeks of study and practice.

We will offer 7.5-HR CONVERSATION COURSES from beginner to advanced, and a range of 2-HR WORKSHOPS & COOKING CLASSES.

Español en vivo - Melbourne based Latin bands

Melbourne's Latin culture scene is great! There are many places to eat, spaces to dance, festivals to go to and live music to immerse ourselves in, so that we can stay in touch with our favourite culture until we are allow to leave the island.

This time we've prepared a guide to some of the amazing bands performing around marvellous multicultural Melbourne. Check them out!

Spanish Film Festival Back for 2021!

The Moro Spanish Film Festival presented by Palace returns in 2021 with a curated selection of 29 films offering film lovers a cinematic journey across Spain and Latin America.

Read on to discover our top picks and Melbourne screening times!

El Patio ONLINE Escape Rooms!

There has been a theft - one of El Patio's prized possessions has been stolen and your assistance is required! It's a race against the clock to solve the clues, uncover the culprit and restore the missing item to its rightful place.

Test your Spanish and teamwork by joining one of our exciting online Escape Rooms (salas de escape) in Term 4!

Champeta - What's the hype? / Champeta - ¿Por qué tanto bombo?

One of the most rewarding aspects about studying Spanish is the opportunity it offers to engage with Hispanic cultures from across the world.

Let Naira, one of our staff from Colombia, tell you all about 'Champeta' - a dance style that burst onto the world stage in February this year. As you find yourself spending more time inside and in need of new exercise ideas, why not try the Champeta ​Challenge at home!

With the Strength of the Sun Andean Carnival - Carnaval Andino con la Fuerza del Sol

The annual International Andean Carnival called, 'With the Strength of the Sun', is one of the most important in Latin America. Learn more about this unique celebration of the Andean culture of northern Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

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