I Teach Spanish ... David!

Meet David from Chile, one of our great teachers who has thought deeply about the meaning of language and how it connects us. Now, he teaches Spanish at El Patio! Read on for some of David's fascinating thoughts on language learning and how you can get the upper hand with your Spanish.

I Teach Spanish ... Cande!

Meet the smiley and energetic Cande from Argentina, one of El Patio's amazing teachers! Cande has used her Spanish teaching abilities far and wide, from teaching in schools and volunteering among migrant communities in her native Argentina, to joining El Patio's team here in Melbourne. These different experiences have allowed Cande to hone her skills and learn plenty along the way. Read on for more about her story, top tips for Spanish learners, as well as an activity on the past tenses!

El Patio's guide to the best beaches (and cocktails) of the Spanish-speaking world!

A cocktail on the beach? Iconic! Let's daydream together and match the best beaches of the hispanic world with their appropriate cocktail!

Come to paradise with us!

I Teach Spanish... Marta Montero!

Meet Marta from Spain!

Marta has always loved learning languages, travelling and discovering foreign cultures, but it took her a while to find her true passion - teaching Spanish!

Find out what knowledge Marta has to share about teaching and learning, and how she applies it every day in her classes.

Robles' Revolution

Isidro returns to Australia with the fascinating story of Colonel Robles, a relative who lived a truly revolutionary life.
(In English)

La revolución de Robles

Isidro returns to Australia with the fascinating story of Colonel Robles, a relative who lived a truly revolutionary life.
(En español)

I Teach Spanish... Mar Almató Llonch!

Mar is a well-travelled teacher with a passion for languages - and she's quickly become a class favourite here at El Patio! Read on to find out more about Mar's story, her tips for Spanish learners, as well as a grammar activity at the end!

I Teach Spanish... Linda Monsalve!

Linda is a teacher who marches to the beat of her own drum - and her students love it! Read on to find out more about why Linda is one of our most treasured team members.

I Teach Spanish ... Clara Torrijos Fernández!

Meet Clara from Spain!

Nurturing a life-long love for literature and languages, Clara first came to Australia as part of a Spanish teaching assistant scholarship. It wasn't long before she found herself at El Patio, making for a fantastic addition to the team!

Read on to find out a bit more about Clara's journey, her top tips for students, as well as an activity at the end.

I Teach Spanish ... Julio Uribe!

Meet Julio from Chile!

Julio arrived in Australia with his family to complete a PHD of Latin American literature. After starting to teach Spanish at University, he eventually also found his way to El Patio! We're glad he did, as Julio is a massive hit with students!

Read about Julio's journey, advice for students and a fun travel picture exercise!

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