I Teach Spanish! ... Clara Moltrasio

Meet Clara from Argentina!

Clara realised from a young age that she loved teaching AND that she loved languages. When it finally struck her to combine her two passions, she set out to become a language teacher - and never looked back!

Read about Clara's journey and her advice for students!

I Teach Spanish! ... Isidro Martínez García

Isidro is one of El Patio's most sought after and revered teachers. Having been with us for almost 10 years, he's earnt the respect and admiration of hundreds - perhaps thousands - of students.

In this article we dive into what makes Isidro tick - his strategies, his inspiration and the challenges he faces as a teacher. You'll also get lots of advice and even some practical exercises!

I Teach Spanish! ... Beatrice Nanetti

Coming from a small town in the North of Italy, Beatrice was always fascinated with life elsewhere in the world. Naturally, this curiosity (like many others) lead her to the discipline of languages - her speciality? English and Spanish.

Now Beatrice gets to live in an English speaking country and teach Spanish - neither of which were her first language! We think that's pretty wonderful, and we hope you do too.

I Teach Spanish! ... Ángeles Aznar

Originally an English teacher, Ángeles (Angie) started teaching Spanish practically by accident! When one of her colleagues in Buenos Aires didn't show up for a class Angie stepped right in to cover her. This could have been a disaster for some but Angie took to it like a duck to water. After falling in love with Melbourne on a holiday and deciding to stay put, she's now sharing her language and culture with El Patio students.

Find out all about Angie's journey as well as her teaching strategies and advice for students. Stick around till the end for a song exercise using Argentinian Folklore!

I Teach Spanish! ... Naira Arrieta Bracamonte

With a background in modern languages and teaching English, Naira was prompted to learn more about her own language after working at a Summer Camp in the United States. Following further study, and experience as an online teacher, Naira found her way to Australian shores and into the El Patio classrooms. She loves teaching her native tongue and is inspired by the curiosity of her students to learn more about Hispanic culture and language.

Read all about Naira's experiences and her advice (including some useful tips on how to roll your R's)!

I Teach Spanish! …Monika Lewandowska

Monika is one of those teachers who instantly lights up a room. Her infectious energy has led to what can only be called a 'cult following' - so many students just can't get enough of Monika!

Monika (from Poland) is living proof that being a fantastic Spanish teacher doesn't mean you have to be a native Spanish speaker. In fact, learning from a teacher that has themselves learnt the language from scratch has many amazing advantages.

Isidro's Book: The Journey of Dreams Pursued

Those who've ever had the pleasure of being in one of Isidro's classes know just what a true master of language he is. Yet they may be unaware that he is also a total literature fiend, and a published author himself!

In this article read 9 of Isidro's mini-tales from his short story collection: La travesía de los sueños perseguidos (The Journey of Dreams Pursued); with wonderful side-by-side translation.

Read to the end to enter the draw to win a copy of Isidro's book!

One of Our Teachers Wrote a Travelogue!

Meet Andrés Treviño (if you haven't already met him in class)! Andrés is one of El Patio's teachers - but also, a traveller and a writer.

In his book 'Fragmentos del paisaje', Andrés invites us to share his experiences throughout a year of travelling through Latin America; past the beautiful postcards and brochures and into the lives of the locals. Through his eyes and ears be a witness to the amazing moments, and raw truths of Latin America.

Read the inspiration behind and enter the competition to win one of four copies of 'Fragmentos del paisaje'!

I Teach Spanish! … Leticia Maraví Martínez

Leticia has always had an obsession with words - and that's an understatement. There are probably very few children who spent hours reading the dictionary! But hey, not all kids grow up to be amazing language teachers, like Leticia did.

Leticia loves to impart the same affection she feels for language on her students. One of her favourite ways to do this is by making silly sentences or memorable exercises - like the speed dating one she's shared with us!

I Teach Spanish! … Ramiro Padilla Muñoz

After teaching English for some years in Mexico, Ramiro decided back in 2004 to take on teaching his own mother tongue! We're glad he did; Ramiro's been a part of the El Patio teaching crew since getting in contact through a mutual friend in 2012. Read on to get Ramiro's insightful responses to common problems and questions students have, and find out about his own particular teaching methods.

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