The 6 Scariest Spanish Verbs (A1/A2)

Spanish verbs are scary, right? Yes they are full of monsters and skeletons, but they are actually indispensable to being able to talk well, ie: in full sentences. They do seem to quietly unnerve all of us, so why not have some jump out of the cupboard and give us the full fright!

Johnston St Fiesta - Sat & Sun, Nov 18-19

The Johnston St Festival is Melbourne's most happening and celebrated Hispanic party on the event calendar. Now in it's 39th year, it never fails to draw a big, loud and rambunctious crowd.

400 millones de hablantes de español

Students of El Patio made a video answering some questions about their connection with the Spanish-speaking world and their experience of learning Spanish.

Have a look, be inspired and join 400 million speakers of Spanish!

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