Spanish Film Festival 2018 Sneak Peak

The full programme has yet to be released but we have some sneak peaks to share (like Paco León in women's activewear)! We've also got a few El Patio surprises up our sleeves ...

Take a cheeky sneak peak here.

Check out our Autumn Intensives!

Autumn Intensives are here! We have a two week break between Terms 1 and 2 - the perfect opportunity to consolidate and build. Along with our 10-hour Conversation Courses and 15hr beginner level (Elementary 1) we'll also be holding 3-hour Verb Workshops and a 4.5hr short course for Elementary 1 Conversation.

Little Lon (B2, C1)

Ana's story for advanced students explores the history of Little Lonsdale Street (or Little Lon as it was once called), where El Patio's CBD centre is located today. After leaving class one day, Andrea Rumbold unsuspectingly opens a door to the past and stumbles out onto the street - as it was in the 19th century. A time-traveller story based on early Little Lonsdale - if the SPANISH is too difficult, it's a GOOD READ IN ENGLISH!

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