El tesoro

The Treasure recounts the story - mixing fiction and reality - of the discovery in the late 19th century of the most important legacy of Visigothic Hispania. Due to the complexity of the case and its ramifications over time, we are giving an outline of some historical facts in the hope of provoking in the reader, if any, the curiosity of a story as unheard of as it is true.
*Hispania is the name given by the Romans to what is now Spain.
*The Visigoths were a Germanic people who occupied Hispania between 507 and 711, the year of the Muslim invasion.

Term 3 - Safe and Warm at Home!

The overwhelming consensus from a recent survey was that many more students preferred to stay on Zoom than those who were keen to get back to face-to-face learning for Term 3.

This has reassured us that staying on Zoom is best for our community for Term 3!

Getting back to face-to-face classes is something we're working on! Read on to find out more.


En el trimestre 3 (Term 3) El Patio va a ofrecer un curso de conversación de nivel intermedio alto/ avanzado/superior (B1/B2/C1), en torno a la nueva serie "Hernán" que actualmente se emite en el canal de televisión SBS. La coproducción hispano-mexicana corresponde al periodo histórico que va desde la llegada de Hernán Cortés a la costa mexicana hasta la caída de la ciudad de Tenochtitlan, la actual Ciudad de México. Lee más ...

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