Spring Intensives!

Spring is almost here! We have a week break between Terms 3 and 4 (Oct 1-5) - the perfect opportunity to consolidate and build. Along with our 4.5hr Conversation Courses you'll also have 13 different 2hr & 3hr Workshops to choose from, including the new 'IMPROVE Listening & Speaking', skill-based Workshops!

Which Workshop for my Level in the Spring Intensives?

With so many exciting Workshops and Conversation courses to choose from, the Spring Intensives contain a feast of opportunities for learning. If you're pondering your options, here's where to find out which Workshops and Courses are right for you.

Take your Spanish further with an 'Improve' Workshop

If your Spanish is an ice-cream, the Improve Workshops are the extra toppings that really take things to the next level. But instead of chocolate sprinkles, we've designed the Improve Workshops to tackle KEY LANGUAGE SKILLS. These key skills - such as Listening and Speaking - are those essential aspects of language that always need extra work. The Improve Workshops are the chance for you to do just that.

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