Terms and Conditions

Your place in a course is secured upon receipt of details (name, contact, course) and full payment of fees. Due to the small size of our classrooms, places in a course are held strictly in order of receipt of above.

It is your right and responsibility to attend the number of hours of the course you have enrolled in. 

Missed Classes 
You may make up missed classes by attending another class in that week, or a repeat class during the same Term, at the same centre, for no extra charge. There are no guarantees that the exact class will be available. This must be arranged in advance - please contact reception by phone or email. In any case, we email you what was covered as well as any homework set.

Class catchups in another group are limited to three per Term. Arranging a catchup class counts as one, whether attended or not. If your work prevents you from attending the same session every week, you will need to discuss this in advance. Contact our student support team at reception. 

Change of Mind
If you have enrolled in a course and have a change of mind, please refer to the Refunds and Transfers sections below.

Refunds due to change of mind or circumstances are not possible less than one week ahead of course start. In the case that numbers are insufficient for a course to proceed, and a suitable alternative course is not an option, a full refund will be given.

Refunds are not possible for missed classes, starting a course late or leaving a course before the end of the Term. Refunds are not possible for texts after they have been collected.

Transfers to a future Term are not possible once a course has started. If your schedule changes and you are unable to make your classes, we are very flexible within the time span of a Term, and will endeavour to find a way for you to continue.

Transfer to a future Term is possible under the following circumstances only:

  • If requested before 12pm, one week prior to your course start (on the same weekday.) For example: the cut off for Monday class transfers will be 12pm the previous Monday. All transfers will incur a service fee of 20% (of the current full course fee).
  • If a course does not proceed. You may opt to transfer to a future Term and in this case a service fee will not be charged.

Note that Intensives are categorised as separate Terms. If you are enrolled in an Intensive course and wish to transfer your enrolment to another Term, the above conditions apply.

Course fees may not be transferred to private classes.

Withdrawal from a course if made before 12pm, one week prior to your course start (on the same weekday). For example: the cut off for Monday class withdrawals will be 12pm the previous Monday. All withdrawals will incur a service fee of 20% (of the current full course fee). No refund will be given if you request to withdraw after this time.

Cancellation of Classes
If a class does not reach the minimum number of students, El Patio reserves the right to cancel a class at any time, or to offer the class for a shorter number of hours. See Small Classes below for minimum numbers. All efforts will be made to contact students affected in good time to make arrangements. This includes the offer of a free transfer to another course in the same or following Term, or a full refund.

Small Classes
El Patio's classes are small with a maximum of 14 at Melbourne and 12 at Northcote. El Patio's minimum class size is 5 students. A class of 4 students will result in the length of the course cut by 20%, and a class of 3 by up to 30%. A class of less than 3 will be cancelled, with students given the option to join a different class, transfer the enrolment to a future Term or accept a full refund.

Students will be notified by the third class if their course is to be shortened. In the event that the class is shortened, students are welcome to make up extra class time in other classes during that Term. It should be noted however, that due to the small size of the class, the course content can be covered in the shortened course.

As this is an industry standard condition of enrolment, no requests for refunds will be considered due to shortened courses. Students can, however, agree to all pay a higher fee in order for their class to run to 100% length - this is only an option if the entire class is in agreement. Classes of 4: $40 total per student for the extra 2 classes; Classes of 3: $60 total per student for the extra 3 classes.

All teachers at El Patio are qualified language instructors. El Patio is unable to guarantee at any time that a certain teacher will take a course, nor complete a course that has already commenced. Should the latter occur, a suitable replacement will be found.

Public Holidays
No classes will be held on public holidays. Classes that fall on public holidays may be rescheduled, and if not, an alternative class suggested.

Multiple Course Purchases​
Multiple courses are valid for use during the cycle of one academic year - Summer Intensives, Term 1, Easter Intensives, Term 2, Term 3 and Term 4. The multiple courses expire after one full rotation of the academic year. For example, if you purchased your multiple courses for Term 4, 2019 the last chance to use the courses would be Term 3, 2020.

The multiple course fee is for single student use only and may not be shared with other students. Remaining courses may be gifted to another student with the payment of a service fee of 20%.

No refunds or withdrawals on multiple course purchases are allowed. Once an enrolment has been ‘confirmed’ (either as the initial course or a course later nominated by the student) the same terms and conditions relating to a transfer to a future Term applies as above. Note that all courses must still be used within the yearly academic cycle.

​If multiple courses are purchased, it is not possible to upgrade to a higher multiple (by paying the difference) after your first course has commenced.

Vouchers are valid for a period of 3 years from date of purchase. They must be redeemed within this time frame, although a course chosen may commence after the 3 year period.

Once a course is nominated, the Voucher is considered redeemed, and the usual Terms and Conditions of enrolment apply.

To redeem a Voucher, contact El Patio to nominate your preferred course, quoting the Voucher number.

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