Study Resources

  These online resources are divided into levels.

  If you're at an Elementary level, start with the resources in the Elementary section.

  For students in higher levels, you will still find many of the resources for lower levels useful – so be sure to have a look at them all.

  The general section has resources for all students.




WordReference – Spanish <> English dictionaries. Free mobile app also available

WordReference verb conjugator – Conjugate any verb in any tense!

Diccionario del estudiante (Real Academia Española) – App for mobiles, tablets etc in iTunesGoogle play. Spanish <> Spanish dictionary designed for Spanish-speaking secondary school students. Also an excellent tool for students of Spanish as a second language – particularly students at Lower Intermediate levels and above (costs €1.99)

Diccionario de la Lengua Española (Real Academia Española) – Spanish <> Spanish dictionary for speakers of Spanish as a first language



SBS Spanish – Includes radio, news and information as well as podcasts in Spanish

Gladys Palmera Radio Online – A vast array of music, live radio, podcasts and more


Film Festivals 

Spanish Film Festival – Yearly festival, films from across the Hispanic world

Cine Latino Film Festival – Yearly Latin film festival

Melbourne Filmoteca –  Spanish and Latin American films screened at ACMI

Melbourne International Film Festival – MIFF usually has an excellent selection of Hispanic Films



Language International – 13-15 Station St, Kew East


DELE exams

Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera – Official qualifications certifying levels of competence and command of the Spanish language from the Cervantes Institute. For all students from A1 to C2 (CEFR)


Elementary and above


Personal Subject Pronouns Dice – perfect for practising verb conjugations 

The Spanish Verb System – an explanation of regular verbs in the present tense, and some irregular ones too! – a great site with audio and interactive images for learning vocabulary – a wealth of information and excercises for pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. An excellent site for all levels – lots of self-correcting exercises. Everything from the present tense to the subjunctive

Coffee Break Spanish – free podcast of coffee-break lessons from the Radio Lingua Network


Lower Intermediate and above


Perfecto, indefinido, imperfecto – an El Patio resource showing these three past tenses side-by-side

News in Slow Spanish – real news read slowly for easy comprehension, with exercises. Note that this resource has acquired a restriction on the amount that is listened to for free

Lecturas Paso a Paso – Centro Virtual Cervantes, guided reading

spanish.language&culture – another excellent site with comprehensive practice exercises, grammatical explanations, readings and cultural resources 


Upper Intermediate and above


Radio Ambulante – Latin American stories in sound. A Spanish-language podcast, distributed by NPR

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes – digitised publications, including a large collection of literary works. Search by collection, title, author or content  

Periódicos de latinoamérica – a large collection of online newspapers from around the Hispanic world from the Latin American Network Information Centre

CNN en español  

BBC Mundo – BBC en español


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