Get Set for the Next Level

If you're trying to decide between a few post-beginner levels, the Get Set for ... links below take you to pages to help you work it out in a different way.

We've listed some simple guidelines about what's good to already have under your belt.

So they're based on seeing what has gone before a certain course or level.

You might notice that the descriptions of the first few levels share a few points, eg, present tense, regular verb conjugations.

There's a good reason why! For example, you may have learnt Spanish through your travels, and so have a well-developed vocabulary (or fluency or confidence), that's more in line with, say, Elementary 4. But without the fundamental knowledge of the present tense, regular verb conjugations, it will be difficult to join an Elementary 3 or 4 course or proceed to higher levels.

We're not making that up! Spanish takes its verbs seriously, and all we need to do is get them happening to make the ride easier.

Get Set for ...

Get Set for Elementary 2

Get Set for Elementary 3

Get Set for Elementary 4

Get Set for Lower Intermediate 1

Get Set for Lower Intermediate 2

Get Set for Lower Intermediate 3

Get Set for Lower Intermediate 4

Get Set for Lower Intermediate 5

Get Set for Upper Intermediate 1

Get Set for Upper Intermediate levels  (2-6)

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