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Get set for Elementary 3 (Aula 1 Plus)

In Elementary 3 (Aula 1 Plus) we learn how to talk about about likes and dislikes as well as our daily routines and what we usually do each week. We discover reflexive verbs and build on our knowledge of irregular verbs in the present tense. 

We also look at food from around the Hispanic world. We learn how to order a drink in a bar and a meal in a restaurant. 

Where am I up to?

Elementary 3 (Aula 1 Plus) is the third of 4 Elementary levels.

Together, the Elementary levels form the A1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Click here for more information about the CEFR.

And click here for an overview and detailed explanation of all our levels.

Before starting Elementary 3 (Aula 1 Plus), study up on:

The present tense verb patterns

Verbs are the basic building blocks of Spanish – and the present tense is the foundation for everything that follows.

Take some time and learn how verbs in Spanish work. Try and learn by heart the regular endings for the 3 types of verb: –AR / –ER / –IR

The Spanish Verb System – an El Patio resource
How to conjugate a verb – an El Patio resource
Regular verbs in the present tense – an El Patio resource – regular verbs​
Spaleon verb conjugation trainer – the present tense 


In Elementary 2, we learnt how to describe cities and countries.

We used the verb SER to talk about the characteristics of a place (es grande, es bonito),

We used ESTAR to talk about where things are (Buenos Aires está en Argentina),

And we used HAY to say 'there is / there are' (hay muchos árboles, hay un lago grande). 

Having a handle on these three gems of Spanish will help you as you progress. – The verb form HAY – practise prepositions using ESTAR – (video) Basic Spanish Lesson: Prepositions of Place

Irregular verbs in the present tense

For every regular verb there is an irregular one.  Some follow no pattern and are a law unto themselves, like IR. Others follow patterns and are only irregular in ‘the stem’ like PENSAR, PODER and PEDIR

Thankfully, irregular verbs mostly have patterns in their irregularities.

Look up, write out and try to get comfortable with the following irregular verbs: SER, ESTAR, TENER, PONER, IR, VENIR, SEGUIR, CERRAR, DAR, QUERER, PODER, HACER

Verb Wheel for Spanish irregular verbs – very useful (and fun!)
Irregular verbs in the present tense – an El Patio resource – Stem-changing verbs: e>ie – Stem-changing verbs: o>ue – Stem-changing verbs: e>i

Using TENER to talk about what you have to do

Using TENER + QUE  with an INFINITIVE is a neat little way to express obligation or to talk about the things you need to do:

Tengo que trabajar, tengo que hablar con ella, tengo que ir al supermercado.

TENER is an irregular stem-changing verb (e > ie) that is also irregular in the first person. Tricky tricky! Another verb like this is the verb VENIR.

See the section on irregular verbs above for extra help. – Verbs with irregular first person

Happy studying!

We hope you enjoy your course.

If we can help with anything please get in touch.

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