What are our classes like?

Teaching style

Candid or plandid?

El Patio classes are serious fun! We use what is known as a communicative method, which means there is a strong focus on real-world language use. We teach grammar, but always as a tool to help with communication. 

You’ll be speaking to your teachers and peers from the very first class!

Our teachers

Quite simply, our teachers are our greatest asset.

All El Patio teachers are highly-trained professionals. They have qualifications in Teaching Spanish as an Additional Language or related fields such as Philology or Linguistics, as well as a wealth of experience guiding students through every stage of their Spanish-learning journey.

We have teachers from all across the world, from Argentina to Italy, Spain to Colombia. Our qualified and experienced team includes superstar non-native Spanish speakers who have mastered the language to an extent that's inspiring to students. They know for themselves the challenges of learning Spanish, and they're living proof that true fluency is achievable!

Head to our blog to check out our article on how we approach the different dialects of Spanish, or else read some of our teachers' amazing stories!

P.S. If you're a talented Spanish teacher with qualifications and experience, we'd love to hear from you!

Some of our wonderful El Patio teachers!

Class size

Classes range from 5 to 16 students. They're big enough to be dynamic and social, but also small enough to give everyone a chance to speak and be heard.

Class formats

El Patio classes come in three different formats: Face-to-Face, Online (via Zoom), and Hybrid. We've got the right option for every kind of student!


Face-to-Face class

Face-to-Face classes are held in physical classrooms in our Northcote and CBD centres – but they’re far from traditional!

Aside from textbooks, teachers use a range games and technological aids to make sure classes are interesting and varied from session to session. Some students also like to bring wine and snacks to share with their classmates, especially for our last-class fiestas!

Online via Zoom

Class Online via Zoom

Online classes are taught live via Zoom, meaning students can attend from wherever they like: the couch, the office, on holidays, interstate – anywhere!

Zoom offers a range of outstanding tools that El Patio teachers use with skill and imagination, meaning students don’t miss out on a thing when learning remotely. Online lesson content is exactly the same as in our Face-to-Face courses.


Hybrid classroom

Hybrid classes are El Patio's latest innovation. They're taught both in a physical classroom and online via Zoom at the same time. This gives students the flexibility to choose whether they attend online or face-to-face from week to week. No need to let anyone know your plans – just log in or show up at your convenience!

A 360-degree camera and microphone allows those online to see and hear their teacher and classmates, while a big-screen TV and speakers mean that those in the classroom can always see and hear their online peers as well. Class content is exactly the same as in Online and Face-to-Face courses, and teachers work hard to make sure everyone is equally included. The future is here!

Head to our blog to see what students think of their Hybrid classes!

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