At El Patio, the Spanish you are going to learn will enable you to understand and be understood in whatever context or country. Of course, you are welcome to use your own pronunciation preference if you already have one. For example, you might have a Mexican partner, or are learning tango, which includes trips to Argentina to practise!

Variations of the Spanish of different countries are usually learned as you progress with your studies, with exposure to those variations. Hispanic America has 19 countries and these all vary slightly. Did you know that the Spanish from the south of Spain is the basis of Hispanic American Spanish? So the pronunciation in southern Spain and especially the Canary Islands is quite similar to that of Hispanic America.

Major variations include vocabulary (especially of food, transport and slang), and pronunciation differences. It is usually influenced by any indigenous language that has enriched the Spanish (Quechua, Guaraní, Nahuatl ...), as well as the variations of the language of the groups of Spaniards who settled there over the centuries (the areas they came from in Spain).

So at El Patio we have a wealth of different Spanishes, as our teachers come from a variety of countries - Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and Australia. All are qualified language teachers, not just native speakers - we think this is very important to be able to help you understand what you're learning. Naturally their own accents, cultural experience and stories will vary according to where they are from!

Some of El Patio's teaching and administrative people: Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Poland, Spain, Australia

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