El Patio Photography Competition 2020

Calling out to all Instagram fanatics, travel photography whizz-kids and landscape framing afficionados - here's your chance to get more than just 'likes' on Instagram for your efforts! Enter into our photography competition and we will display your beautiful piece for an entire month in both of our centres AND you could win a whole 15 hour course!

To make it both more fun and fair - the winner will be selected by popular vote: a people's choice award!

Read how to enter here! (It's super easy)

Winners of our Photo Competition revealed!

In Term 1 this year El Patio launched it's first annual photography competition - the results surpassed all expectations! Read on to see all of the participants' photos as well as the People's Choice Top 5.

I Learn Spanish! ... Ann Ray

Travelling for Ann is not just a passion but a lifestyle!

Racking up her frequent-flyer points, she loves an adventure: jumping on a plane to Chile for her favourite ice-cream at Emporio de la Rosa, exploring the Nazca lines, and sleeping within sight of Machu Picchu. Perhaps trekking down to Mendoza, Argentina for some wine tasting and soaking up a bit of culture in Buenos Aires. Yes, she loves to travel, and she likes to do it right!

The most essential ingredient of this intrepid life? Learn Spanish!

See how Ann stays motivated and powers through the El Patio levels (in between her frequent trips, of course!)

I Learn Spanish! ... Jenny Skewes

Upon retiring Jenny wanted to make sure she kept her mind sharp. And as we all now know, learning a language is one of the best ways one can do that, In the end Spanish turned out to be an obvious choice for Jenny as her son was already married to a Venezuelan.

Jenny is very unassuming about her progress - but we think she has plenty to brag about. She currently studying level C1 grammar in one of our highest classes - Superior 2. She's completed over 30 levels with us over 8 years, and honestly - we've lost count of the exact number of courses she's done! Jenny is a shining example that commitment and consitency does pay off.

Read on to find out all about Jenny and her journey, and stay until the end to read a magnificent short piece that she wrote.

I Learn Spanish! ... Zac Powell

Meet Zac! Zac's initial steps into the Spanish speaking world felt like a bit of a stumble. But fast-forward two years later, and Zac's zooming through the El Patio levels (Upper Intermediate 2 already?)! For someone who considers himself more of a maths nerd than a language aficionado - we think Zac's caught the language bug very quickly! In this interview, find out how Zac tackles common problems, finds motivation and what he does outside of class to keep his Spanish flowing.

Surrealist games and the wondrous creations of Upper Elementary 3 [A2]

In this blog, come discover the artwork and writings of Craig's Upper Elementary 3 class and a simple surrealist game, perfect for learning new vocab - particularly the parts of the body.

400 millones de hablantes de español

Students of El Patio made a video answering some questions about their connection with the Spanish-speaking world and their experience of learning Spanish.

Have a look, be inspired and join 400 million speakers of Spanish!

I Learn Spanish! ... Emmanuel Liu

Emmanuel admits he's a bit of a sports fanatic. He loves baseball, tennis and soccer - all sports that happen to have many famous players from Spanish speaking countries. From his fandom came the desire to understand what these players were saying! That's when Emmanuel took up Spanish classes.

Now, nearly four years into his Spanish studies - things are getting kind of serious! Taking the language to new heights, Emmanuel is planning to take the B2 DELE exam soon - go you good thing!

I Learn Spanish! ... Baden Rumble

Originally inspired by his late wife and a long lost friend, Baden started learning Spanish in 2010 with one of our most 'famous' teachers (Isidro Martínez García!) Since then, Baden has progressed to one of our highest levels - Advanced 6. He's made great progress and taken his Spanish everywhere - from Madrid to Caracas! Read about his journey and advice to students in this article.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! Our Let's Cook Spanish Giveaway

In one of our most popular giveaways yet, we put up for grabs a beautifully presented dual language recipe book.

Find out who won, and how you can win next time!

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