I Travel With Spanish ... Stephen Larmour!

In our NEW blog series 'I Travel with Spanish' Stephen Larmour tells us about how he went using Spanish during his journey through Colombia and Chile.

Check out his story and incredible travel snaps!

Meandering along el Camino de Santiago

In late 2015, Chris (one of our admin team) and his partner, walked el Camino de Santiago. Here he provides a brief history of the pilgrimage, recounts some of his experiences and offers some advice for those planning on undertaking the long walk across Spain.

Winners of our Photo Competition revealed!

In Term 1 this year El Patio launched it's first annual photography competition - the results surpassed all expectations! Read on to see all of the participants' photos as well as the People's Choice Top 5.

One of Our Teachers Wrote a Travelogue!

Meet Andrés Treviño (if you haven't already met him in class)! Andrés is one of El Patio's teachers - but also, a traveller and a writer.

In his book 'Fragmentos del paisaje', Andrés invites us to share his experiences throughout a year of travelling through Latin America; past the beautiful postcards and brochures and into the lives of the locals. Through his eyes and ears be a witness to the amazing moments, and raw truths of Latin America.

Read the inspiration behind and enter the competition to win one of four copies of 'Fragmentos del paisaje'!

Staff Picks - Penny's 'Take Me Back to Cancún' Playlist

This playlist encapsulates the many varied anthems that rock Mexico's famous party capital - Cancún. It begins with some fun songs from Cuba's 'Queen Of Salsa' Celia Cruz, Puerto Rican national treasures Calle 13 to international pop star Enrique Iglesias. A great way to liven up any party!

How to study in Spain for FREE

One of the benefits of being a student at El Patio is being able to connect with the Hispanic world here, in Melbourne. But sometimes these benefits stretch a little further abroad.

Any student at El Patio can apply for a scholarship to Valladolid in Spain for 1 or 2 weeks. Read this article to find out more!

The Mysterious Origins of South America's Favourite Cocktail

The Pisco Sour is the type of tipple you give someone who usually wouldn't order a cocktail. When made right, it's not too strong with the perfect balance of sweet and sour - delicious.

But like anything fabulous in this world, there is a bitter dispute over ownership. Both Peru and Chile are adamant the Pisco Sour is their national drink.

What to expect on your first trip to Bolivia

Most first-timers to Bolivia say they have a love-hate relationship with this troubled country. Bolivia is the least developed country in South America. And it's true: there are many dangers but there are also some pretty wonderful and unique opportunities. It is a country with hundreds of worthy tourist attractions, but a nation not quite set up for tourism yet.

Here are just some of the things to expect:

12 Essential Tips For Exploring Cuba Like a Pro

The smell of cigars, the sounds of salsa, the taste of rum surrounded by the gorgeous, crumbling buildings and cars, brace yourself; Cuba is going to knock your socks off. Yet Cuba isn't the easiest place to be at times, the bureaucracy, the shortages, the hustle can really wear you down. Nothing can quite prepare you for Cuba, but hopefully this article will give you a few pointers to make the most of your time.

Penny's been working behind the scenes at both centres in El Patio since 2014. Recently returned from her Caribbean adventure she shares her tips and travel pics!

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