Pintxos en el País Vasco (y en casa)

The Basque Country (el País Vasco) is a world-renowned foodie haven. Among the most famous of its culinary exports is the "pintxo" - the Basque version of tapas. Here you will learn a little about what they are, how to enjoy them, the best accompaniments as well as a few simple recipes for you to try at home yourself.

Know your Empanada

The empanada is a hand-sized savoury pie or turnover that can have many different fillings and be cooked in different ways. You can find them all over Latin America and Spain, and they are a good representation of the each region's culture and taste.

Know your Arepa

The Arepa is a traditional flat corn cake that you can eat for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, making it an essential food for many. It can be fried, baked, fried and baked, grilled or steamed. It can be a side or a main, have fillings or toppings, making it without a doubt one of the most versatile Latin-American dishes.

Get Creative: Make Paella [A1]

Craig gives the traditional paella a personal twist. He makes something that's possibly unconventional, but that is easy to prepare, very yummy and quite paella-like. Be inspired, go wild in the kitchen and have a crack at Craig's fill-in-the-gaps recipe exercise. The exercise practises the first person in the present tense, and is perfect for beginners - particularly if you're in Elementary 2 or 3.

Receta de gambas a la plancha (Grilled Prawns Recipe) [A1/A2]

Prawns! They're the perfect Summer treat. In Ana's latest recipe, read how simple it is to make one of the most popular raciones (share-plates) served in Spanish bars.

Put a shrimp on the barbie with us! We've included translations and - as a little extra - some common Spanish expressions about prawns

Myths and Legends Behind the Mojito

So light and simple, the mojito is a perfectly refreshing potion with an irresistible punchiness. This humble cocktail has many famous fanciers: Ernest Hemmingway, Brigitte Bardot and even James Bond (when he's not drinking martinis).

Some say the mojito is magic - that 'mojito' literally means 'to cast a little spell'. In this article, get bewitched by the marvellous Cuban brew and learn all the tricks to making the perfect one too!

Tortilla española and a bit about vosotros/as! [A1/A2]

Now that summer is finally upon us, there's nothing like preparing a Spanish potato omelette (tortilla española) for picnics, barbeques, and parties. Besides being one of the simplest dishes to prepare, it can be easily cut, packed, shared - and of course it's ideal to eat with wine and other tapas.

The Mysterious Origins of South America's Favourite Cocktail

The Pisco Sour is the type of tipple you give someone who usually wouldn't order a cocktail. When made right, it's not too strong with the perfect balance of sweet and sour - delicious.

But like anything fabulous in this world, there is a bitter dispute over ownership. Both Peru and Chile are adamant the Pisco Sour is their national drink.

Receta de escalivada (B1/B2)

Escalivada is a very traditional Spanish dish prepared along the Mediterranean coast of Murcia, Valencia, Catalonia, as well as in Aragón. It consists of roasted red peppers, eggplant, onion, tomato, zucchini, and any other veggie on hand. The name comes from the Catalan verb "escalivar" meaning to cook in ashes.

This recipe is not only healthy and delicious - it will also help you understand the tú form of the Imperative! Enjoy!

Receta de paella valenciana (A2/B1)

Si todavía no os habéis atrevido a cocinar una paella, El Patio os muestra cómo hacerla. ¡Que os aproveche! If you haven't yet tried to make a paella, El Patio is going to show you how - isn't that what a Spanish language school is for? Enjoy!

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