The best Spanish restaurants in Melbourne - El Patio's picks!

As amazing as a trip to Spain is, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy delicious Spanish food right here in Melbourne - and the number of restaurants offering Iberian delicacies keeps growing! Read on for El Patio's top five recommendations for the best Spanish food in Melbourne. Then, you can rate our recommendations by having a taste yourself!

Tapas and Pintxos - what's it all about?

Despite all the delicious food on offer in the regions of Spain, one style of dish has become synonymous with the country: tapas. Their fame is perhaps only matched by pintxos, its Basque cousin. Read on for a history of these iconic delicacies, and some of the best recipes you can try at home - or in one of our upcoming Tapas and Pintxos Workshops!

Know Your Salsa

We love salsa! Not just the dance, but also the food! While both are equally important in Latin culture, one is significantly easier to do than the other!

Simply made from chopped fresh ingredients, they can be spicy or mild and there is no need to cook them! Salsas are a very distinct aspect of Latin cuisine, learn more about them here!

Best Tacos in Melbourne?

Once upon a time in Melbourne, Mexican food was solely hard shell tacos and nachos with sour cream. Thankfully our ever evolving, beautiful Melbourne has exploded with authentic, fresh, bursting with flavour REAL MEXICAN FOOD. We've made a list of our favorite taco spots - we don't want to fight about it but LET'S TACO 'BOUT IT.

Do you have a favorite? Did we miss something? Tell us on our Instagram! @elpatiospanish

El Patio's Tequila Essentials!

No fiesta is complete without a bottle or two of tequila - be it in your favourite cocktail or on its own! Read on for a brief but fascinating history of this iconic Mexican spirit, a crash course in getting to know different tequilas, as well as some of the best ways to enjoy it in a cocktail!

Tacos de Cochinita Pibil - Receta

This dish is one of the more iconic Mexican dishes. Straight from the Yucatán peninsula, its origin goes back to the pre-colonisation era, to the Mayan culture.

Empanada & Arepa Cooking Classes!

EL PATIO PRESENTS our flagship cooking class:

Empanadas & Arepas, Live & At-Home!

Cook and chat alongside Paula, learning all the secrets to make the perfect empanada and arepa at home! Doughs, cooking styles, salsas - learn it all!

Receta de gazpacho andaluz

Andalusian gazpacho (gazpacho andaluz) is one of Spain's most popular summer recipes. Luckily for us, it's also one of the simplest! This traditional cold soup made from ripe tomatoes and cucumber is perfect as refreshing snack or entree on a warm afternoon.

Receta de pimientos del piquillo rellenos de bacalao (B1-B2)

Esta receta es muy típica del norte de España, especialmente de Euskadi (País Vasco). Los pimientos del piquillo son una variedad de pimiento que se produce en La Rioja y Navarra. Aunque esta receta puede parecer complicada, es de fácil elaboración.

Pintxos en el País Vasco (y en casa)

The Basque Country (el País Vasco) is a world-renowned foodie haven. Among the most famous of its culinary exports is the "pintxo" - the Basque version of tapas. Here you will learn a little about what they are, how to enjoy them, the best accompaniments as well as a few simple recipes for you to try at home yourself.

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