Champeta - What's the hype? / Champeta - ¿Por qué tanto bombo?

One of the most rewarding aspects about studying Spanish is the opportunity it offers to engage with Hispanic cultures from across the world.

Let Naira, one of our staff from Colombia, tell you all about 'Champeta' - a dance style that burst onto the world stage in February this year. As you find yourself spending more time inside and in need of new exercise ideas, why not try the Champeta ​Challenge at home!

Los Van Van - then and now!

Los Van Van's music tells the story of Cuba itself, from its conquest by the Spanish to its modern, turbulent history - all the while celebrating the vivacity, toughness and community that defines Cuba today! This year Los Van Van celebrated their 50th anniversary - let's look at how they've evolved!

Staff Picks - La copla en voces de nuestros días

In this playlist, Ana takes us into the world of Andalusian Copla - a type of traditional song that was born in the early 1920s. The lyrics tell stories of relationships torn apart, impossible desires, heartbreak, jealousy and loss.

Staff Picks - Isidro's Almodóvar movies playlist

Isidro presents a selection of songs from the movies of Almodóvar (Spain's most renowned film maker). Boleros, tangos, rancheras and mambos all combine in a tantalising mix of Latin drama and passion!

Staff Picks - Cantautores & canciones protesta

María Rúa has compiled a gorgeous playlist uncovering some beautiful relics from the past, a movement which defined generations of songs to come. This list evokes a spirit of protest, a momentous tradition where art was often used to rival oppressive rulers and unsinkable regimes.

Staff Picks - Penny's 'Take Me Back to Cancún' Playlist

This playlist encapsulates the many varied anthems that rock Mexico's famous party capital - Cancún. It begins with some fun songs from Cuba's 'Queen Of Salsa' Celia Cruz, Puerto Rican national treasures Calle 13 to international pop star Enrique Iglesias. A great way to liven up any party!

Staff Picks - Ana's Hip-Pop Women Playlist

As we celebrate International Women's Day, Ana, our Director of Studies, has made a playlist that takes us on a journey of protest and feminism from all corners of the Hispanic world - all in Spanish of course!

Staff Picks - Matt's Spanish Alt Rock Playlist

In our second, hand-selected Spotify playlist Matt gives us a taste of the alternative rock scene in Spain - inspired by the months he spent living there as an exchange student.

Matt is part of El Patio's student support and reception team - but also plays in an alternative rock band himself! He's got good taste - check it out.

Staff Picks - Ben's Summer Playlist!

Suggestions for your summer listening - in Spanish!

Our first Spotify playlist of songs has been created by Ben Wright-Smith, not only one of our Melbourne admin assistants, but a singer-songwriter in his own right. Listen, follow or share!

Spanish through Song - La cumbia del mole (all levels)

Music is a great way to approach language learning, as it can be a back door to your brain. As well as being a good way to learn new vocabulary, music carries culture, and in this case, more than one.

Mexican-American singer, Lila Downs, sings about MOLE, the thick, brown, spicy Mexican sauce. Mole is concocted by grinding together lots of ingredients - so it's apt that this song about a very Mexican sauce is deliciously mixed with a Colombian musical style, cumbia.

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