Aside from the beautiful musicality, these songs have been celebrated for their poetry and literary prowess. Due to much of this music coming to pass during times of heavy censorship, it was common for artists and writers to use allegory and metaphor in order to depict the struggles of the times. While many of these brave artists are still able to make music today, many were punished and killed for speaking out against the government.

Victor Jarra, who is considered central to the Chilean musical revolution which became ‘Nueva Canción Chilena' (New Chilean Song) was famously killed by Pinochet’s troops. This moment however made him a "potent symbol of struggle for human rights and justice" to those living under military rule at the time immortalising his music in the Chilean canon (and far beyond).

While many of these songs were born from struggles witnessed all over the world at the core of these stories lays the spirit of hope, community and social justice. 

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