El Patio Notebooks!

Designed perfectly for your classes!


El Patio notebooks are wiro-bound to lay flat on the table, with anti-scuff laminated covers so they can withstand the day-to-day of life! They contain 240 pages - enough to last you about four levels - depending on how prolific a note-taker you are, of course!

They come in four groovy colours and an encouraging quip: "El que tiene boca, se equivoca" meaning, whoever has a mouth makes mistakes or simply 'everyone makes mistakes!'. This is designed to remind you that making mistakes in class is ok (actually, it's necessary to learn a language!) So don't be afraid to open your mouth and make those gaffes - we'll always be laughing with you, not at you - promise!

To give you a bigger helping hand, we've also included a guide to present tense verb conjugations on the inside front cover - so you'll always have that essential cheat sheet with you!

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