En el trimestre 3 (Term 3, 2020) El Patio ofrece un curso de conversación de nivel intermedio alto/ avanzado/superior (B1/B2/C1), en torno a la nueva serie "Hernán" que actualmente se emite en el canal de televisión SBS. La coproducción hispano-mexicana corresponde al periodo histórico que va desde la llegada de Hernán Cortés a la costa mexicana hasta la caída de la ciudad de Tenochtitlan, la actual Ciudad de México. Lee más ...

Learning Spanish at Home is the Best! Start here to find the right course!

You're going to love our classes and teachers! El Patio specialises in Spanish, with short courses for beginners through to proficiency. Classes are small, serious - and importantly - fun!

Learning Spanish in Lockdown

At its heart language is communication - a fundamental component of every social interaction - so when we find ourselves in an era of isolation and social distancing, where does learning a new language fit in?

ONLINE Conversation Courses!

These ONLINE Conversation courses are designed to take all the little things you've learnt in class or elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking world and string them together into a flowing, coherent, confident ... CONVERSATION!

We're offering short 5-hour Conversation courses online via Zoom from week 8 of term (June 15). Join us for five 1-hour sessions to build your confidence and improve your speaking!

Term 2 ONLINE at El Patio

We're staying safe by staying home! In keeping with social distancing restrictions, Term 2 will be held on video conferencing platform: Zoom.

Term 1 classes transitioned online in its final 3 weeks - live with the same teacher and classmates. The response was amazing!

Term 2 will proceed in the same way so that we can keep our distance, but stay connected. Click for more information, as well as some helpful hints ...

Clases de conversación gratuitas para estudiantes avanzados

Durante el trimestre 2 (Term 2), El Patio ofrece clases de conversación gratuitas a todos sus estudiantes matriculados en los cursos avanzados. Estas tendrán lugar los jueves a las 16:00h y serán de una hora de duración. El único requisito es haber visto la serie española "La peste". En estos momentos se puede ver en el canal de televión SBS con el título de "The Plague". Las clases serán online, claro.

Hints and Guidelines for Zoom classes!

We're really pleased to be able to keep our classes going during the COVID-19 period. Online (Zoom) classes are now the norm for the moment.

For the best online class experience, we've laid out a set of guidelines, from both the tech point of view - as well as best behaviours!

Spring Intensives September 23 - October 5

It's almost Spring, hoorah!

In the 2-week break between Terms (Sept 23 - Oct 5) we're offering Conversation courses at both Melbourne and Northcote!‚Äč

Students will have a choice between a short (4.5-hr) structured course or a longer (7.5-hr) course that has both structure and time for open conversation practice.

We're also offering some of our most popular special workshops in both centres: Pronunciation & Accent, Ser & Estar, Por & Para!

Which Course or Workshop for my Level in the Summer Intensives?

¡Yupi! 2019 is the year of learning Spanish! (well, every year is ... but this year is THE year). And the Summer Intensives are an excellent way to get things started. If you're wondering whether to take a Conversation Course or a few Workshops or are thinking about completing the next level up in two weeks, here's where to find out which options are right for you.

Take your Spanish further with an 'Improve' Workshop

If your Spanish is an ice-cream, the Improve Workshops are the extra toppings that really take things to the next level. But instead of chocolate sprinkles, we've designed the Improve Workshops to tackle KEY LANGUAGE SKILLS. These key skills - such as Listening and Speaking - are those essential aspects of language that always need extra work. The Improve Workshops are the chance for you to do just that.

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