We have three different centres to choose from! 

Melbourne CBD: Classes held at 2/152 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. 

Northcote: Classes held at 114 High Street, Northcote.

Online: Classes held on Zoom



Face-to-Face: held in either our Northcote or Melbourne CBD centres

Online: held on Zoom

Hybrid: Available for selected classes above Advanced 1 (Elementary to Upper Intermediate students are better supported Online or Face-to-Face). Hybrid provides students with the option to attend the same class either via Zoom or in centre (we use a conference camera in the classroom, online participants appear on a large TV in the classroom). 



Popular Language (10 x 1.5-hour classes) 

This is our bread and butter. If you're not sure where to start, start here. You'll attend one 90-minute class each week for 10 weeks. You'll also complete one hour of homework between classes. The first course is Elementary 1 (for complete beginners) and the levels go all the way up to Superior.

Rápido Language (5 x 3-hour classes) 

Exactly the same as our Popular Language (same programmes, books and all!) but you'll have a double class each week (three hours / 180 minutes). This means you complete the course in half the time - allowing you to progress through the levels faster! There is also double the homework (two hours per week) so make sure you have enough time in your week to take this on! 

Express (10 x 3-hour classes)

This is a bundle package. You'll enrol in two Rápido courses back to back, meaning you can complete two levels in ten weeks! We offer this course at a discounted rate as you're committing to more classroom time.  Express courses are only offered for the four Elementary levels. 

El Cheapo Introductory (8 x 1.5-hour classes)

For complete beginners. This course is much like our regular Elementary 1 course. We have shortened the course by taking out a little of the practice time and setting a bit more for homework. We also schedule these classes in our less popular time-slots. This makes the course cheaper and easier for us to run - and we pass these savings on so you can give Spanish a go on the Cheapo! We also provide all the teaching material so you only need to buy a textbook if you want to continue on afterward - easy!

Spanish for Travel (5 x 1.5-hour classes)

For those who just want to learn a few basics before their trip – maximum practicality, minimum grammar. Learn basics such as greetings, numbers, pronunciation rules and basic questions to prepare you for your stay in a Spanish-speaking country.

Intensives / Conversation

This is a chance to boost your level in a way that would normally take months! We normally offer intensives and conversation courses between Terms. These courses focus on revision and practice of what you've learned - putting all the pieces together into a fluid conversation.

Check out our upcoming courses blog to see when our next round of Intenisves is running!

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