Our classes are held face-to-face, online or hybrid!

El Patio's two Melbourne centres have reopened for face-to-face classes.

Contact us! Our team will be able to help you choose the best level for you.

Take a look at our full list of classes to see what's available.

You will be able to choose between:

  • a purely face-to-face class at the Northcote or CBD centre
  • purely online class (by Zoom), or
  • hybrid class (both face-to-face and online at the same time, so you can have that flexibility)

What are hybrid classes? Read about how the hybrid classes work!

El Patio's Facebook page has lots of class photos – check them out!

Are you a beginner?

We have several options if you're starting. The links below take you to the beginner courses – scroll to the end of each to see the days and times they are scheduled:




Study with a friend!

Here are some couples who are in class!

Do you already know some Spanish?

As well as beginner courses, 22 different levels are normally scheduled to begin each Term, mostly as 10-week (Popular) courses, but some as both Popular and fast-paced (Rápido) courses.

Learn Spanish now!

Pets in the Zoom class

Even pets come to Spanish class!

Read what our students say about live online learning

Quote Enjoying the classes. I think El Patio does a really good job of creating a friendly, community atmosphere. I'm impressed with how smoothly the classes run on Zoom End quote

Quote I really like Zoom classes and breakout groups. I didn’t think I would like them better but I feel like I learn more and it is more focused End quote

Quote Zoom has worked so well and we have even had students from England and Alice Spring in our class! End quote

Quote I feel that on zoom I get to copy all teacher notes on my computer. I am getting much more talking time with different students (one on one). I am saving traveling time. I am currently taking 2 courses. I probably will not always be able to do that but I definitely would not take 2 courses face to face End quote

Quote I enjoy learning on Zoom as it gives me more flexibilities and I can fit Spanish lessons into my busy life...Isidro has been a fantastic teacher implementing lessons in the virtual classroom and my learning is as effective as the real classroom setting End quote

Read more testimonials at the end!

Some of our favourite backgrounds!

How do Zoom classes work?

Once you enrol and your class is confirmed to proceed, you will be able to access a link to the Zoom meeting (class). 

Go to the blog article Hints and Guidelines for Zoom Classes. It contains complete information for students regarding:

  • Setting up Zoom on Laptops / Desktop Computers
  • Setting up Zoom on Mobiles: Tablets / Phones
  • Zoom Class Etiquette!
  • Troubleshooting

Valeria's class - which had to design a T-shirt!

What about textbooks?

If you purchase a textbook with your enrolment, at checkout you will be given the choice of either collecting your book in person from one of our centres or having the book posted out to you for a small fee. 

Texts will be posted within two working days of purchase.

More student testimonials

quote Valeria is great! She's so competent at using zoom and I honestly haven't noticed any decrease in class quality since going online end quote

quote I really like zoom. And I love the fact that I can join from my home so I don’t have a one hour commute each way ... end quote

quote Thank you for providing the classes online and to the teachers who do such a fabulous job. I enjoy the classes very much also online end quote

quote I'm super impressed with how the teachers are handling the changes - I've had 2 teachers this term (Noryan & Paula) and both have done a great job of using the resources made available to them: Zoom, Padlet, etc. and making sure everyone feels included and has an opportunity to participate. Thanks so much both of you, as well as to the whole admin team for making it all possible! end quote

quote I am preferring the zoom classes and many other students have shared this on the call. So I think if you can keep offering this as well, many of us will take it as an option, COVID regardless! end quote

Not sure which course is right for your Spanish level? Test your Spanish level now!

Ready to start learning? Find a class and enrol now!

By Toni Edwards
January 5, 2021



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