Winter Intensives July 8-19! Term 3 starts July 22!


Start your Spanish journey in 2024! The links below take you to our courses for absolute beginners. Scroll to the bottom of each page to see the days and times they are scheduled:

Timetable: check the Enrol page for a full list of courses

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As well as beginner courses, 22 different levels are normally scheduled to begin each Term, mostly as 10-week (Popular) courses, but some as both Popular and fast-paced (Rápido) courses.

  • Need to know your level? Check out our Online Level Tests
  • Or want to know "what you need to know" before joining a particular level? Have a look at our Get Set for the Next Level pages
  • Have a look at the Enrol page for all of the courses up for enrolment
  • Here's a page with all of our Course types to help you decide how fast you'd like to learn
  • If you'd like to contact any of our helpful team, email us with your questions or call and leave a message (03 9486 5849)

Learn Spanish now!



In the Winter Intensives you will be able to complete a FULL LEVEL in just 2 weeks!

We're offering our first three levels: Elementary 1 / Elementary 2 / Elementary 3

You'll be doing a 3-hour class every second weekday - the spare days are for homework, but you'll still have your weekends free!


Beginner Conversation Intensive (4.5-hr) – Practice and revise all the content from Elementary 1 before jumping into Elementary 2 full of confidence!

Elementary Conversation A1 (15-hr) – reviews topics studied up to Elementary 4 (45-90 hrs of study). Practise present tense verbs, vocab for introductions, getting to know people, describing things, talking about friends/family, inviting/refusing invitations, likes/dislikes and much more!

Lower Intermediate Conversation A2/B1 (15-hr)  – if you’ve completed 75-135 hours of study. Ideal if you are studying/have completed the Lower Intermediate levels or first-year Spanish at uni.  A prerequisite is an introduction to the past tenses. Lots of practise with past tenses, direct/indirect object pronouns, reflexive verbs, gustar, tener que, ir a, estar + continuous, and the future tense.

Upper Intermediate Conversation B1 (15-hr) – if you've completed 135-180 hours of study. Perfect for those who have completed Upper Intermediate levels or 2nd year of Spanish at uni. A prerequisite is a knowledge of the present subjunctive and a sound understanding of the first 3 past tenses and their combinations (pretéritos perfecto, indefinido & imperfecto). This is where fluency in Spanish really starts to happen!

Advanced Conversation B2+ (15-hr)  –  if you’ve completed 225+ hrs. Great if you’re studying/completed Advanced 2+ or 3rd year Spanish at uni. A prerequisite is a knowledge of all indicative verb tenses, plus knowledge of the subjunctive combined with past tenses (pretérito pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo). Practise combining past tenses, using the subjunctive in multiple tenses, and heaps more!

What are our classes like?

You're going to love our classes and teachers! El Patio has over 20 years’ experience specialising in Spanish, with courses for everyone – from beginners through to fluency. All our teachers are qualified professionals. Classes are small (5–14 students), rigorous, and fun!


El Patio's Northcote and Melbourne CBD centres are open for Face-to-Face classes. We are also operating Online classes.

Contact us and our team will be able to help you choose the best level for you.

Take a look at our full list of classes to see what's available.


  • New 5-week Rápido and Spanish for Travel courses start November 13
  • Summer Intensives run January 8–19. Check out all the options here!
  • Term 1, 2024 starts January 29 for all levels, absolute beginners to seriously advanced. 
  • Contact us to find out about joining one of our Term 4, 2023 courses partway through

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Face-to-Face: held in either our Northcote or Melbourne CBD centres

Online: Live on Zoom

El Patio's Facebook page has lots of class photos – check them out!

What students have to say!

Quote Love El Patio! Been going for a few years now and have been consistently impressed by all the teachers and facilities. Hybrid (face-to-face and online) classes are working incredibly well.End quote

QuoteAfter becoming frustrated at my lack of progress with their competitor, I received a recommendation for the classes at El Patio. Since enrolling I have never looked back, the teachers are knowledgeable, the students are great, the classes are fun, and my Spanish quickly improved enough to converse confidently with the locals when I arrived in Latin America. End quote

Quote I love the hybrid classes! It gives me the option to still go to class if I get home late from work, am super tired or am sick (important coming into winter/flu season). The flexibility is such a great thing and the setup of the classes seems to be working really well. End quote

Quote The teachers are excellent and the lessons are well paced, not too fast or slow. I'd previously tried learning Spanish with a well-know language app, but found it slow going and not useful for real life. I've learned more in 5 lessons at El Patio than I did with 3 months of daily app use. So happy I've found this place. End quote

QuoteI have been studying at El Patio (Northcote branch) for quite a few years and love it. As a retired teacher, I know good teaching when I see it, and the teachers at El Patio are absolutely wonderful - caring, professional and fun. The class I am in has developed a great sense of unity and camradarie and I love going to it.End quote

Quote Thank you for providing the classes online and to the teachers who do such a fabulous job. I enjoy the classes very much also online End quote

Quote I'm super impressed with how the teachers are handling the changes - I've had 2 teachers this term (Noryan & Paula) and both have done a great job of using the resources made available to them: Zoom, Padlet, etc. and making sure everyone feels included and has an opportunity to participate. Thanks so much both of you, as well as to the whole admin team for making it all possible! End quote

Quote I am preferring the zoom classes and many other students have shared this on the call. So I think if you can keep offering this as well, many of us will take it as an option, COVID regardless! End quote

How do Zoom classes work?

Once you enrol and your class is confirmed to proceed, you will be able to access a link to the Zoom meeting (class). 

Go to the blog article Hints and Guidelines for Zoom Classes. It contains complete information for students regarding:

  • Setting up Zoom on Laptops / Desktop Computers
  • Setting up Zoom on Mobiles: Tablets / Phones
  • Zoom Class Etiquette!
  • Troubleshooting

Valeria's class - which had to design a T-shirt!

Read what our students say about live online learning

What about textbooks?

If you purchase a textbook with your enrolment, at checkout you will be given the choice of either collecting your book in person from one of our centres or having the book posted out to you for a small fee. 

Texts will be posted within two working days of purchase.

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