400 millones de hablantes de español

Students of El Patio made a video answering some questions about their connection with the Spanish-speaking world and their experience of learning Spanish.

Have a look, be inspired and join 400 million speakers of Spanish!

Isidro's Book: The Journey of Dreams Pursued

Those who've ever had the pleasure of being in one of Isidro's classes know just what a true master of language he is. Yet they may be unaware that he is also a total literature fiend, and a published author himself!

In this article read 9 of Isidro's mini-tales from his short story collection: La travesía de los sueños perseguidos (The Journey of Dreams Pursued); with wonderful side-by-side translation.

Read to the end to enter the draw to win a copy of Isidro's book!

There's a Verb Workshop for You!

Untangle the knot of Spanish verbs with our 3-hour workshops. We reveal hidden patterns of even the most difficult-to-handle irregular verbs. We shine a light on the unruly forms and uses of the world-famous past tenses. We demystify and help you feel at home with the present subjunctive. Sign up for one - or more if you want that cosy comfy verb feeling!

Meet the NEW Spring Intensives!

Spring Intensives are here! We have a two week break between Terms 3 and 4 - the perfect opportunity to consolidate and build. Along with our 10-hour Conversation Courses and beginner level (Elementary 1) we're also lauching 3-hour Verb Workshops!

Get yourself an El Patio Bag for your Textbooks!

Hot off the presses! Limited edition! El Patio's new book bags are here, and you'll get one for free if you enrol in one of our Spring Intensives or a Term 4 course. There's one catch - you need to enrol by Saturday September 16.

Get your mouth around el indefinido!

El pretérito indefinido or pretérito perfecto simple (simple past) is one of the most challenging tenses to master and pronunciation can be tricky. This blog has audio of some key verbs - both regular and irregular. So skill up on this very useful past tense.

La maestra - a story for beginners! A1

Ana's latest story describes the daily grind of a high school History teacher. Pushed to the limit by the boredom of the curriculum and rebellious students, she decides to turn the tables, and invites the students to enact their versions of the past. Using Spanish idioms that involve the body, such as "cuesta un ojo de la cara" and "no tiene pelos en la lengua", and written entirely in the present tense, this story is perfect for students in the Elementary levels.

Melbourne International Film Festival 2017 - El Patio's Guide!

MIFF 2017 is here! Launching in cinemas August 3 - there are heaps of Spanish language films to sink your film loving, hispanofile teeth into. We've even done the hard work for you - tracking down the best flicks to watch out for and compiled a full printout of all of the festival's Hispanic films.

We hope you can make it to a few this year!

I Learn Spanish! ... Baden Rumble

Originally inspired by his late wife and a long lost friend, Baden started learning Spanish in 2010 with one of our most 'famous' teachers (Isidro Martínez García!) Since then, Baden has progressed to one of our highest levels - Advanced 6. He's made great progress and taken his Spanish everywhere - from Madrid to Caracas! Read about his journey and advice to students in this article.

Discover the imperfect tense and the marvels of Tenochtitlán, city of the Mexicas (Aztecs) (A2-B2)

Tenochtitlán - a city of water and temples - lies buried under the immensity of modern day Mexico City. What was this incredible city like when the Spanish first set eyes on it in the 16th Century?

This article offers a glimpse of the wonders of this metropolis and is an excellent opportunity to brush up on your past tenses - particularly the imperfect (el imperfecto). So get your grammar-hat on and delve into a lost world!

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