Winter Intensives! July 8-19

The weather is getting colder, so it's time to learn some more Spanish to warm up our hearts.

Join us for Winter Intensives in the Melbourne CBD or cozy Northcote centre for two exciting weeks of study and practice.

We will offer Full 15-hour Elementary Levels, 4.5-hour and 10-hour CONVERSATION COURSES from beginner to advanced!

New courses starting soon!

Australia's best Spanish language school, now teaching Face-to-Face and Online. Learn Spanish socially - whoever and wherever you are.

El Patio's guide to the 2024 Spanish Film Festival!

The Spanish Film Festival is back in Melbourne in June/July and features the best cinema from Spain and Latin America.

Tick-Tock Tales: Franco's Time Warp and Spain's Serenos

Ever wondered why Spaniards have dinner so late? With daylight savings recently wreaking havoc on our clocks, we thought we'd share a few interesting tidbits from the history of time-keeping in Spain.

Find out what makes Spaniards tick!

I Teach Spanish ... Jelitza!

Meet Jelitza, one of El Patio's amazing teachers from Colombia! Read on to learn about her story arriving in Australia, as well as her top tips to make your Spanish learning experience as smooth - and as interesting - as possible!

Health Benefits of Learning a Second Language

It seems inevitable that at this time of year we lean towards self-reflection - what was, and what will be. For many of us, focusing on improving our health and well-being comes to the top of the list. The obvious go-to's are to fill the veggie crisper and sign up to a new gym membership. While there's so much attention given to the health of our bodies, have you ever given as much thought to the health of your brain and your relationships?

We're all hoping to live a long, happy, healthy life - but a fit mind and strong connections are just as essential ingredients for that recipe! Read on to learn about the protective mechanisms and health benefits of learning a second language!

I Teach Spanish ... Marcela!

Meet the wonderful Marcela, a Chilean teacher with a passion for language teaching and sharing her culture and mother tongue with others. Now, she's doing just that at El Patio! Read on to find out more about Marcela's start with Spanish teaching, her arrival to Australia, as well as her recommendations to jump-start your Spanish learning.

Latin America's flags: A crash course!

Many of Latin America's Independence Day celebrations have either just happened, or are fast approaching. An ever-present site during these occasions, and a source of great pride for Latin Americans wherever they may be, are of course the national flags of the region. Take a deep dive into the meaning behind Latin America's many national flags with El Patio's crash course! Soak in the history and symbolism, appreciate the beautiful designs, and get prepared for your trip to Latin America!

Iconic Design in the Spanish Speaking World

Design in the Spanish-speaking world has a rich and interconnected history. Each country's urban life is impacted and influenced greatly by the structure of their cities and buildings. If you're interested in all things architecture and urban planning, this one is for you! From ancient histories to master plans and changing urban landscapes, read on to find out more about some of the most impactful spaces within Spain and Latin America.

New Year's traditions in the Hispanic world!

Feliz Año Nuevo, or Happy New Year! 2024 has well and truly arrived, and the Hispanic world said farewell to last year with some amazing traditions and celebrations! To get on their level, have a read about five fascinating New Year's traditions from the Spanish-speaking world!

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