Which class to choose! A guide.

There's lots to choose from! Use this guide and timetable to determine the best course for you!

Spanish puns in images by Ingesman

Ingesman is one of our favourite Chilean illustrators - his work is so simple yet so funny. You might have seen some of his pieces on our Instagram account.

Here are some of our favourite Ingesman creations, with explanations and translations attached.

Enjoy the delightful world of Ingesman!

¡Hora feliz! A cocktail guide for "fiesta" time

With summer in full swing, it's FIESTA time!

Which Course or Workshop for my Level in the Summer Intensives?

¡Yupi! 2022 is the year of learning Spanish! (well, every year is ... but this year is THE year). And the Summer Intensives are an excellent way to get things started. If you're wondering whether to take a Conversation Course or are thinking about completing the next level up in two weeks, here's where to find out which options are right for you.

Summer Intensives! January 10 - 21!

Join us for our Summer Intensives (January 10-21) - an exciting two weeks of Spanish study in Northcote, Melbourne CBD or Online! This is a chance to boost your level in a way that would normally take months. Along with our first three Elementary levels (Elementary 1, 2, and 3), we offer FULL 15hr Conversation Courses where you can improve your speaking confidence!

Johnston St Fiesta is BACK! Sat & Sun, Feb 26 & 27

The Johnston St Festival is Melbourne's most happening and celebrated Hispanic party on the event calendar. Out of lockdown for its 42nd year, it never fails to draw a big, loud and rambunctious crowd.

I Teach Spanish... Marta Montero!

Meet Marta from Spain!

Marta has always loved learning languages, travelling and discovering foreign cultures, but it took her a while to find her true passion - teaching Spanish!

Find out what knowledge Marta has to share about teaching and learning, and how she applies it every day in her classes.

El virus

What will the world be like in the year 2099? Are we still living with COVID? How's global warming going? Learn how to use the future tense while reading Ana's ironic and dystopic sci-fi tale of a future based in Antarctica.

Celebrating at El Patio: Last Class Fiestas!

Our students deserve to have some fun after dedicating themselves to weeks of Spanish learning. At El Patio, we have a long-established tradition of the Last Class Fiesta, that brings all of our favourite things together: friends, food, and Spanish!

There's a Verb Workshop for You!

Untangle the knot of Spanish verbs with our 3-hour workshops. We reveal hidden patterns of even the most difficult-to-handle irregular verbs. We shine a light on the unruly forms and uses of the world-famous past tenses. We demystify and help you feel at home with the present subjunctive. Sign up for one - or more if you want that cosy comfy verb feeling!

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