5 películas de Almodóvar para conversar

¿Te gusta el cine de Pedro Almodóvar? Ahora tienes la oportunidad de aprender más sobre sus películas mientras practicas la conversación. Cinco semanas, una hora a la semana para profundizar y disfrutar del cine de este maestro.

Spring Intensives! Sept 28 - Oct 1

Spring is the perfect time to blow away some of your Spanish cobwebs! In the one-week between terms we are offering short conversation courses (4.5hr) at various levels, as well as our ever-popular POR Y PARA workshop to help you understand when to use these two prepositions. Why not join us to get your conversation flowing!

Term 4 - Spring into Spanish from home!

The current COVID19 situation in Melbourne means that returning to the physical classroom and face-to-face learning will be put on hold a little longer. The good news is that our online classes have been a great success - so it's possible to begin, or continue, learning Spanish at El Patio with our amazing teachers.

Read on to find out more about our decision to continue delivering all of our classes online.

Nicaragua, Land of Poets

On of our admin team, Sasha, takes a look at how the tiny nation of Nicaragua has made itself known around the world for its poetry - famous figures, fascinating history and beautiful prose abound!

New El Patio ONLINE Escape Rooms!

There has been a theft - one of El Patio's prized possessions has been stolen and your assistance is required! It's a race against the clock to solve the clues, uncover the culprit and restore the missing item to its rightful place.

Test your Spanish and teamwork by joining one of our new and exciting online Escape Rooms (salas de escape) in Term 3!

ONLINE Conversation Courses and Workshops!

Our 5-hour ONLINE Conversation courses are back for Term 3! They are designed to take all the little things you've learnt in class or elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking world and string them together into a flowing, coherent, confident ... CONVERSATION!

We also have some of our popular 2-hour WORKSHOPS returning! If you need help rolling your 'r' or want to know some more about the differences in accent between parts of the Hispanic world, then our 'Pronunciation and Accent Workshop' is for you. And if, like many students, you still have some doubts about when to use 'Ser' or 'Estar', this workshop helps demystify when to use them!

Cinco artículos de opinión para conversar (B2-C1)

Cinco semanas, cinco horas de clases de conversación gratuitas.
Cinco artículos de temas de actualidad y no tanto.
Requisito esencial: leer los artículos antes de las clases y preparar las preguntas relacionadas con el tema.
Plazas limitadas.

El tesoro (B2-C1)

The Treasure recounts the story - mixing fiction and reality - of the discovery in the late 19th century of the most important legacy of Visigothic Hispania*. Due to the complexity of the case and its ramifications over time, we are giving an outline of some historical facts in the hope of provoking curiosity about a story as unheard of as it is true.
*Hispania is the name given by the Romans to what is now Spain.
*The Visigoths were a Germanic people who occupied Hispania between 507 and 711, the year of the Muslim invasion.

Learn Spanish in Term 4!

October 5 is when we start up our new courses. Whether you're a beginner or speak some Spanish already, we have a level for you!

Term 3 - Safe and Warm at Home!

The overwhelming consensus from a survey in May 2020, was that many more students preferred to stay on Zoom than those who were keen to get back to face-to-face (F2F) learning for Term 3.

In further news, the second lockdown for Melbourne residents from Thursday 9 July, 2020 for 6 weeks has put paid to any idea of F2F classes in Term 3.

Getting back to F2F classes is something we're working on! Read on to find out more.

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