El Patio's scary Spanish-language movie recommendations!

Did spooky season get you in the mood for some thrilling filcks? Why not practice your Spanish as well? Read on for El Patio's top scary Spanish-language movie recommendations!

The best Spanish restaurants in Melbourne - El Patio's picks!

As amazing as a trip to Spain is, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy delicious Spanish food right here in Melbourne - and the number of restaurants offering Iberian delicacies keeps growing! Read on for El Patio's top five recommendations for the best Spanish food in Melbourne. Then, you can rate our recommendations by having a taste yourself!

I Teach Spanish ... David!

Meet David from Chile, one of our great teachers who has thought deeply about the meaning of language and how it connects us. Now, he teaches Spanish at El Patio! Read on for some of David's fascinating thoughts on language learning and how you can get the upper hand with your Spanish.

There's a Verb Workshop for You!

Untangle the knot of Spanish verbs with our 3-hour workshops. We reveal hidden patterns of even the most difficult-to-handle irregular verbs. We shine a light on the unruly forms and uses of the world-famous past tenses. We demystify and help you feel at home with the present subjunctive. Sign up for one - or more if you want that cosy comfy verb feeling!

Travel Tips for Latin America: How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip and Travel Stress Free!

Heading to Latin America soon? Take a look at our tips to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible!

I Teach Spanish ... Cande!

Meet the smiley and energetic Cande from Argentina, one of El Patio's amazing teachers! Cande has used her Spanish teaching abilities far and wide, from teaching in schools and volunteering among migrant communities in her native Argentina, to joining El Patio's team here in Melbourne. These different experiences have allowed Cande to hone her skills and learn plenty along the way. Read on for more about her story, top tips for Spanish learners, as well as an activity on the past tenses!

Celia Cruz, The Queen of Salsa

At El Patio Northcote, each of our classrooms is named after an artist from the Spanish-speaking world. The classroom right down the back in our Northcote Centre is named after Cuban singer Celia Cruz, known as "La Reina de la Salsa". Here we wanted to tell you a little bit about who she was and why we love her!

El Patio's guide to the 2023 Spanish Film Festival!

It's that time of the year again, and the Moro Spanish Film Festival is back in Melbourne from 15 June-5 July, with a brand new range of Hispanic cinema for 2023! With movies from Colombia to Spain, Mexico and beyond, take a look at El Patio's top 2023 Spanish Film Festival recommendations!

Tapas and Pintxos - what's it all about?

Despite all the delicious food on offer in the regions of Spain, one style of dish has become synonymous with the country: tapas. Their fame is perhaps only matched by pintxos, its Basque cousin. Read on for a history of these iconic delicacies, and some of the best recipes you can try at home - or in one of our upcoming Tapas and Pintxos Workshops!

I Speak Spanish ... Carmel!

Get to know our lovely, bubbly Carmel, one of El Patio's warm and friendly student support team!

Carmel's Spanish learning journey began with an incredible 6-month volunteering trip through Latin America in 2019. She's just returned from another whirlwind adventure, exploring Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and beyond. Suffice to say, her Spanish is top-notch!

Benefit from Carmel's hard earned wisdom and discover her insightful advice for those on their own language learning quest.

Get acquainted with Carmel and her intrepid adventures!

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