Ser or Estar … Dying to Know the Answer? (A1-C1)

When students first learn that there are two very different forms of 'to be' in Spanish they are often confused and perhaps even a little annoyed! "But why!?" is a very common reaction! Yet grasping the difference between 'ser' and 'estar' is often a watershed moment in the Spanish acquisition journey!

Best Tacos in Melbourne?

Once upon a time in Melbourne, Mexican food was solely hard shell tacos and nachos with sour cream. Thankfully our ever evolving, beautiful Melbourne has exploded with authentic, fresh, bursting with flavour REAL MEXICAN FOOD. We've made a list of our favorite taco spots - we don't want to fight about it but LET'S TACO 'BOUT IT.

Do you have a favorite? Did we miss something? Tell us on our Instagram! @elpatiospanish

El Patio's guide to the best beaches (and cocktails) of the Spanish-speaking world!

A cocktail on the beach? Iconic! Let's daydream together and match the best beaches of the hispanic world with their appropriate cocktail!

Come to paradise with us!

Your Guide to the Johnston St Fiesta

The Johnston St Festival is Melbourne's most happening and celebrated Hispanic party on the event calendar. Up to it's 45th year (Sat & Sun, Feb 25 & 26), it never fails to draw a big, loud and rambunctious crowd.

Christmas traditions in the Spanish speaking world!

It's beginning to look a lot like Navidad! But what exactly does that look like in Spanish-speaking countries?

Get your Hispanic Christmas cheer on!

El Patio's Tequila Essentials!

No fiesta is complete without a bottle or two of tequila - be it in your favourite cocktail or on its own! Read on for a brief but fascinating history of this iconic Mexican spirit, a crash course in getting to know different tequilas, as well as some of the best ways to enjoy it in a cocktail!

Latin American Film Festival at The University of Melbourne

The Latin American Film Festival is back! This year the University of Melbourne will be hosting the 17th annual film festival showcasing 15 films from across Latin America. It will take place from November 10 to November 20 on the university campus. Entry is COMPLETELY FREE to all films! All films will have English subtitles.

'Trick or Trial?' The Witch Hunt for Meigas and Sorginak

With the spooky season upon us, here are two bewitching tales from Northern Spain to get you in the Halloween spirit. Witches have always been a popular element of northern Spanish folklore, particularly in the regions of Galicia, Asturias and the Basque Country, a land where the mountains are high, the mist is thick, and there are plenty of caves for covens - the perfect recipe for witchcraft to thrive!

Crash course in Día de Muertos!

One of Mexico's most famous celebrations, Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), is coming around once again on November 2. But, while many of us have seen the pictures of elaborate dresses, ceremonies, and celebrations, there's a lot more to this Mexican tradition than meets the eye. Read on for a crash course on Día de los Muertos!

Spring Intensives! September 26 - October 7

Spring into Spanish in 2022!

Complete the full Elementary 1 or Elementary 2 level, or revise and practice what you've learnt in a Conversation Intensive.

PLUS Paula's famous Empanada & Arepa Cooking Class!

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