I Learn Spanish! ... Ann Ray

Travelling for Ann is not just a passion but a lifestyle!

Racking up her frequent-flyer points, she loves an adventure: jumping on a plane to Chile for her favourite ice-cream at Emporio de la Rosa, exploring the Nazca lines, and sleeping within sight of Machu Picchu. Perhaps trekking down to Mendoza, Argentina for some wine tasting and soaking up a bit of culture in Buenos Aires. Yes, she loves to travel, and she likes to do it right!

The most essential ingredient of this intrepid life? Learn Spanish!

See how Ann stays motivated and powers through the El Patio levels (in between her frequent trips, of course!)

The Most Glamorous Beginner Spanish Hack - Pronunciation

Have you just started studying Spanish? Is it an out-of-body experience? Are you feeling a little tentative? An essential hack that will give IMMEDIATE JOY is to get confident with Spanish pronunciation. Toni talks about the benefits of having Spanish move easily around your mouth - and how this can effect a change in the Spanish-speaking you!

There's a Verb Workshop for You!

Untangle the knot of Spanish verbs with our 3-hour workshops. We reveal hidden patterns of even the most difficult-to-handle irregular verbs. We shine a light on the unruly forms and uses of the world-famous past tenses. We demystify and help you feel at home with the present subjunctive. Sign up for one - or more if you want that cosy comfy verb feeling!

Little Lon (B2, C1)

Ana's story for advanced students explores the history of Little Lonsdale Street (or Little Lon as it was once called), where El Patio's CBD centre is located today. After leaving class one day, Andrea Rumbold unsuspectingly opens a door to the past and stumbles out onto the street - as it was in the 19th century. A time-traveller story based on early Little Lonsdale - if the SPANISH is too difficult, it's a GOOD READ IN ENGLISH!

I Teach Spanish! ... Ángeles Aznar

Originally an English teacher, Ángeles (Angie) started teaching Spanish practically by accident! When one of her colleagues in Buenos Aires didn't show up for a class Angie stepped right in to cover her. This could have been a disaster for some but Angie took to it like a duck to water. After falling in love with Melbourne on a holiday and deciding to stay put, she's now sharing her language and culture with El Patio students.

Find out all about Angie's journey as well as her teaching strategies and advice for students. Stick around till the end for a song exercise using Argentinian Folklore!

Spanish Film Festival 2018 Sneak Peak

The full programme has yet to be released but we have some sneak peaks to share (like Paco León in women's activewear)! We've also got a few El Patio surprises up our sleeves ...

Take a cheeky sneak peak here.

Get Creative: Make Paella [A1]

Craig gives the traditional paella a personal twist. He makes something that's possibly unconventional, but that is easy to prepare, very yummy and quite paella-like. Be inspired, go wild in the kitchen and have a crack at Craig's fill-in-the-gaps recipe exercise. The exercise practises the first person in the present tense, and is perfect for beginners - particularly if you're in Elementary 2 or 3.

Bienvenidas / bienvenidos, welcome to all our beginner students

If you've just started studying at El Patio right at the beginning, here are some ideas about how to get the most out of your course for your future success with speaking Spanish.

Are you a beginner? Here's some extra help …

To complement the first part of our beginner courses we've created two online classes - Beginner Basics 1 and Beginner Basics 2. These classes cover the material you see in the first part of your course. Learn greetings, how to say your name, where you're from, where you live and what you do, plus the essentials of pronunciation and the alphabet.

I Learn Spanish! ... Jenny Skewes

Upon retiring Jenny wanted to make sure she kept her mind sharp. And as we all now know, learning a language is one of the best ways one can do that, In the end Spanish turned out to be an obvious choice for Jenny as her son was already married to a Venezuelan.

Jenny is very unassuming about her progress - but we think she has plenty to brag about. She currently studying level C1 grammar in one of our highest classes - Superior 2. She's completed over 30 levels with us over 8 years, and honestly - we've lost count of the exact number of courses she's done! Jenny is a shining example that commitment and consitency does pay off.

Read on to find out all about Jenny and her journey, and stay until the end to read a magnificent short piece that she wrote.

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