The rankings are out! TimeOut has officially recorded neighbourhoods in the Spanish-speaking world that have made their global top-40 for 2023! Check them out below.

No. 1: Laureles, Medellín, Colombia

Laureles is home to the main soccer stadium of Medellín, Estadio Atanasio Girardot, as well as the famous nightlife strip La 70, full of restaurants and bars that are known to turn into dance floors where you can dance your heart away until the morning. Laureles, however, is not overrun by the party scene, and outside of La 70, the neighbourhood offers tranquil streets lined with trees, cozy and bountiful parks, and many coffee shops. This neighbourhood is perfect for chilling out and going out. We can see why it's the coolest neighbourhood in the world!

No. 3: Carabanchel, Madrid, Spain

Carabanchel is full of art galleries and modern creative spaces. It's a town that combines traditional food markets with art and design. Young and upcoming architects are particularly present in the area as it is home to the young architect's collective Casa Antillón, as well as the biggest art gallery in Madrid, Veta. The area has recently seen the opening of an amazing garden and palace Finca Vista Alegre, which is publically accessible. If you love to see a mix between tradition and modernity, this place is for you!

No. 29: El Clot, Barcelona, Spain

El Clot is bound by the main roads of La Meridiana and Gran Via, yet is an example of a beautiful and old-school neighborhood that stays true to its character. The streets are pedestrian-friendly and feature a green strip, Parc del Clot, that is built around its industrial ruins. El Clot is also home to one of the city's oldest municipal markets where you can find great products at great prices. There are many traditional bars, local businesses, and bakeries. El Clot is the perfect escape from the more gentrified areas and common tourist spaces!

No. 30: San Miguel Chapultepec, México City, México

Located close to the renowned neighbourhoods of La Roma and La Condesa, San Miguel Chapultepec is the perfect escape from the busy city into a green paradise. Streets are lined with trees and colonial houses and the neighbourhood is adjacent to Bosque de Chapultepec, one of the largest parks in Mexico City. The area is filled with art, food, galleries, and community. Take a stroll through here if you're looking for some calm in a big city! 

Bonus Neighbourhood! No. 6: Brunswick East, Melbourne, Australia.

Our very own Melbournian neighbourhood of Brunswick East has been ranked the sixth coolest neighbourhood in the world – probably because it's just a short work across the Merri Creek to El Patio Spanish in Northcote ;-)

You can read TimeOut's full article and dive into some more acclaimed neighbourhoods on their website.

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