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What are our classes like?

Classes are fun and social, from 5 to 14 students in size and with a teacher who knows how to teach languages! You'll be in a group with other like-minded people who are all wanting to learn and improve. 

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Students say ...

  • I've LOVED the program so far and Africa is a great teacher who makes concepts very easy to understand. El Patio has a great program which has kept me constantly engaged - Sam Dowling

  • Ramiro is a great teacher! So attentive and interested - he makes the class run smoothly with his sense of humour - Darren Tyrrell

  • We started this term in Elementary 1 with Jorge and are having a ball! After each class we get on a high from the fun that we have each class. Jorge is an excellent teacher who has a really good understanding of languages and is able to explain things very clearly - Maddie Wooster

  • Over the almost three years at El Patio I would like to say a big thank-you to all my teachers … and the rest of the El Patio team for inspiring me with their love of language, patience in explaining new ideas and most importantly making learning Spanish fun - Estelle Kamp

  • I'd like to take this opportunity to say that we've really enjoyed learning Spanish with El Patio, and we've been very impressed with the quality of the teachers - Lindsay Hussey

What you learn ...

  • describing clothing using colour / number / adjectives
  • buying clothing in a shop (¿qué desea? / quiero ... / ¿qué precio tiene?)
  • demonstrative adjectives (this/these: este / esta / estos / estas)
  • asking / responding about likes / dislikes (¿qué te parece? ¿cómo me queda? te queda bien)
  • introducing the direct object pronouns (it/them: la prefiero … / ¿cómo lo tomas?)
  • asking permission to do something (¿me puedo probar la camisa?)
  • more irregular verbs in the present tense (IR, PREFERIR, …)
  • talking about friends and family
  • describing people physically and of personality (es alta, morena, tiene el pelo …)
  • talking about your spare time / hobbies
  • expressing likes / dislikes / preference (me gusta / me gustan ...)
  • possessive adjectives (mi, mis / tu, tus / su, sus)

Textbooks are needed for this course!

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