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El Patio is Melbourne's most popular language school!

What makes learning at El Patio so great:

  • Outstanding teachers
  • Over 100 classes per Term
  • Friendly school
  • Flexible timetable
  • Face-to-Face, Online, and Hybrid delivery
  • Our lessons are fun!

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What are our classes like?

You're going to love our classes and teachers! El Patio has over 20 years’ experience specialising in Spanish, with courses for everyone – from beginners through to fluency. All our teachers are qualified professionals. Classes are small (5–14 students), rigorous, and fun!

We offer three class formats:

  • Face-to-Face (in person in our centres)
  • Online (via Zoom)
  • Hybrid (Online and Face-to-Face at the same time!)

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Students say...

​"After becoming frustrated at my lack of progress with their competitor, I received a recommendation for the classes at El Patio. Since enrolling I have never looked back, the teachers are knowledgeable, the students are great, the classes are fun, and my Spanish quickly improved enough to converse confidently with the locals when I arrived in Latin America."

- Angela Hayhurst


"Love El Patio! Been going for a few years now and have been consistently impressed by all the teachers and facilities. Hybrid (face-to-face and online) classes are working incredibly well."

- Geoff Lynch


"I have been studying at El Patio (Northcote branch) for quite a few years and love it. As a retired teacher, I know good teaching when I see it, and the teachers at El Patio are absolutely wonderful - caring, professional and fun. The class I am in has developed a great sense of unity and camradarie and I love going to it."

- Kathy Chambers


"I love the hybrid classes! It gives me the option to still go to class if I get home late from work, am super tired or am sick (important coming into winter/flu season). The flexibility is such a great thing and the setup of the classes seems to be working really well."

- Upper Intermediate 5 student


"Noryan is great with Zoom and I don’t think we miss anything from face-to-face interaction."

- Lower Intermediate 5 student


"The teachers are excellent and the lessons are well paced, not too fast or slow. I'd previously tried learning Spanish with a well-know language app, but found it slow going and not useful for real life. I've learned more in 5 lessons at El Patio than I did with 3 months of daily app use. So happy I've found this place."

- C. Angus

What you workshop ...

This 3-hour workshop is a comprehensive summary of the simple past and imperfect past (pretéritos indefinido e imperfecto). Although this may seem basic, the whole scheme of (especially) the indefinido is not usually incorporated in general language courses. If you would like a full compendium, this is for you!

It's suitable for students who have completed Lower Intermediate 1 and above (75+ hours of study).

El pretérito indefinido: 

  • Regular forms of the simple past (cené / cenaste / cenó ... )
  • Verbs that change stem in the present but not in the past (cerrar / pensar ... )
  • Verbs that change stem in the present and past (dormir / repetir / sentir ... )
  • Irregulars (ser / ir / dar / ver)
  • Strong irregulars (pretéritos fuertes) (tuve / puse / hice / dije ... )
  • Verbs with spelling changes (llegué / empecé / leyó ... )
  • Using the simple past (pretérito indefinido) to talk about the following past actions:
    • completed actions
    • actions with no relation to the present
    • actions that occurred in a series
    • actions that occurred during a specific period of time
    • the beginning or end of an action

El pretérito imperfecto:

  • Regular forms of the pretérito imperfecto (hablaba / hablabas / hablaba ...)
  • The 3 irregular verbs (ir / ser / ver)
  • Using the pretérito imperfecto to talk about the following actions:
    • Actions in the past that are not seen as completed
    • Habitual actions in the past
    • Describing things in the past
    • Telling the time and stating one's age in the past

No textbooks needed for this course

Study materials are included in the course fee.

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