Beginner Basics 2 (online)

Learn the alphabet, professions and useful classroom questions in this online class with explanations, audio and video in full HD (starring El Patio teachers).


What you learn ...

  • asking / saying your profession (¿qué haces? / soy ...)
  • asking / saying what you study (¿qué estudias? / estudio ...)
  • the Spanish alphabet with detailed explanations, examples and videos of each letter and common words for help with pronunciation
  • useful questions for the classroom (¿cómo se escribe? ¿qué quiere decir? ¿cómo se dice?)
  • video examples of the main phrases and the alphabet - starring El Patio teachers
  • explanations with audio examples

Video sample: the letter Ñ

Ñ (eñe)

mañana morning / tomorrow
diseñadora designer (fem)
español Spanish (masc)


Audio sample: Talk about what you do

In this section we see the following questions:

  • ¿Qué haces (tú)?*
What do you do?
  • ¿Estudias o trabajas (tú)?
Do you study or do you work?


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