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What are our classes like?

Classes are fun and social, from 5 to 14 students in size and with a teacher who knows how to teach languages! You'll be in a group with other like-minded people who are all wanting to learn and improve. 

Students say ...

  • I am heading to South America … where I'll travel/volunteer for 6 months, and I'm going with a fantastic base of Spanish to build on. Thanks so much for having me in the Northcote Saturday morning classes, I've really enjoyed it. If time permits, I hope I may be able to continue some study with El Patio upon my return next year, you guys are fantastic :)​ - Isabelle Harding

  • We started this term in Elementary 1 with Jorge and are having a ball! After each class we get on a high from the fun that we have each class. Jorge is an excellent teacher who has a really good understanding of languages and is able to explain things very clearly - Maddie Wooster

  • I'm loving my Spanish Class at El Patio. The Tutors are expert in teaching, are really helpful - and also very patient! - Clare Coffield

What you workshop ...

  • This workshop is 3 hours
  • A comprehensive summary of the present indicative (presente de indicativo). Although this may seem basic, the whole scheme of the present indicative is never usually presented in beginner language courses. It's very handy later on, though!
  • Regular verbs (–AR –ER –IR)
  • Stem changing verbs (e > ie / o > ue / e> i ...)
  • Verbs with change in the 1st person only (salgo / conozco ...)
  • Verbs with two irregularities (tengo / tienes / tiene ...)
  • Irregular verbs (ser / estar ...)
  • Listening exercises to improve comprehension / spelling
  • Reflexive verbs (verbos reflexivos: levantarse / ducharse ...)
  • Using the verb gustar (me gusta / te gusta / le gusta ...)
  • Practising the verb gustar with listening / completing exercises
  • Expressing agreement / disagreement using the verb gustar (a mí también / a mí tampoco / pues a mí sí / a mí no ...)
  • Using other verbs that function like gustar (aburrir / dar igual / encantar / faltar ...)

No textbooks needed for this course

Study materials are included in the course fee.

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