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Get Set for Lower Intermediate 3

In Lower Intermediate 3 we return to the past tenses, to the pretérito perfecto.

This tense was introduced in Elementary 4 and now we have the opportunity to consolidate what we learnt back then and fill in any gaps in our understanding.

In the meantime, we've also learnt another past tense – the pretérito indefinido – and in Lower Intermediate 3 we get to see how these two tenses are similar and how they're different.

Where am I up to?

Lower Intermediate 3 is the third of 5 Lower Intermediate levels.

Together, the Lower Intermediate levels form the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Click here for more information about the CEFR.

And click here for an overview and detailed explanation of all our levels.

Before starting Lower Intermediate 3, study up on:

The present tense

Students at this level generally find that the present tense becomes increasingly second nature. Where once upon a time, you would fumble around for a verb form, now you're able to use the present tense with greater confidence.

However, it's always good to return to the basics and get them right. So take the time to memorise any of the present tense forms you're not so comfortable with.

Maybe the verb OÍR keeps on tripping you up (you're not alone!). Or maybe you're still not clear on the patterns of stem changing verbs. Whatever extra learning you can do now will be well worth it in the long-term.

The Spanish Verb System – an El Patio resource
Regular verbs in the present tense – an El Patio resource
Irregular verbs in the present tense – an El Patio resource
Verb Wheel for Spanish irregular verbs – very useful (and fun!)
Spaleon verb conjugation trainer – for the present tense and beyond – IR a + infinitive
Trent University – TENER + que (exercises)

The first of the past tenses: the pretérito perfecto

We get the opportunity to revisit the pretérito perfecto in Lower Intermediate 3 so you don't need to be an expert beforehand. 

However, if you can dust off your notes from the last time you saw this tense (Elementary 4) this will help you in class.

The irregular past participles (like abierto or roto) you just need to learn, and finding your own way to make these forms stick is the secret to success. – the pretérito perfecto – the past participle – the past participle (quiz)

The second past tense: el pretérito indefinido

The pretérito indefinido is also known as the 'simple past' but there's nothing simple about it.

At this level, getting more skilled with the irregular verbs will help a lot.

There are regular patterns within the irregularities. For example, the forms of the verb ANDAR are nothing like the forms of SER, but have a lot in common those of ESTAR.

Grouping the irregular verbs into patterns makes them easier to learn. – the pretérito indefinido (part 1) – the pretérito indefinido (part 2)
Trent University – the pretérito indefinido (exercises)

Direct object pronouns, indirect object pronouns, reflexive pronouns

Learning to distinguish the direct object pronouns (me / te / lo / la / nos / os / los / las) from the indirect object pronouns (me / te / le /nos / os / les) and the reflexive pronouns (me / te / se / nos / os / se) is a long-term project!

A good thing to notice is that it's only the third-person forms (both singular and plural) that change. Mysterious – but good news for Spanish students.

Trent University – The direct object pronoun (exercises) – Verbs like GUSTAR – Reflexive verbs (quiz)

Happy studying!

We hope you enjoy your course.

If we can help with anything please get in touch.

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