Whether you want to get started, get ahead, or work on your conversation skills, we've got you covered!

In July we dedicate TWO WEEKS to our Winter Intensives. You can take a 15-HR CONVERSATION COURSE to brush up on your skills or take a whole 15-HR Elementary level!


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In the Winter Intensives you will be able to complete a FULL LEVEL in just 2 weeks!

We're offering our first three levels: Elementary 1 / Elementary 2 / Elementary 3

You'll be doing a 3-hr class every second weekday - the spare days are for homework, but you'll still have your weekends free!


There are 3 different levels of Conversation Courses. You'll be doing a 3-hour class every second weekday for two weeks.

Beginner Conversation (4.5 hours) – revisits the key topics of Elementary 1 with an emphasis on oral practice. It's perfect if you're completing Elementary 1 or El Cheapo Introductory Spanish and want an opportunity to get your mouth moving and consolidate what you've already learnt. Practise greetings, basic introductions, masculine and feminine nouns/adjectives, basic verb structures and other key phrases!

Elementary Conversation A1 (15 hours) – reviews topics studied up to Elementary 4 (45-90 hrs of study). Practise present tense verbs, vocab for introductions, getting to know people, describing things, talking about friends/family, inviting/refusing invitations, likes/dislikes and much more!

Lower Intermediate Conversation A2/B1 (15 hours)  – if you’ve completed 75-135 hours of study. Ideal if you are studying/have completed the Lower Intermediate levels or first-year Spanish at uni.  A prerequisite is an introduction to the past tenses. Lots of practise with past tenses, direct/indirect object pronouns, reflexive verbs, gustar, tener que, ir a, estar + continuous, and the future tense.

Advanced Conversation B2+ (15 hours)  –  if you’ve completed 225+ hours of Spanish study. Great if you’re studying/completed Advanced 2+ or 3rd year Spanish at uni. A prerequisite is a knowledge of all indicative verb tenses, plus knowledge of the subjunctive combined with past tenses (pretérito pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo). Practise combining past tenses, using the subjunctive in multiple tenses, and heaps more!


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