Whether you want to get started, get ahead, or work on your conversation skills, we've got you covered!

In April we have TWO WEEKS (April 19-28) for our Autumn Intensives.

You can take a whole Elementary Level, Conversation Course, Spanish for Travel and/or one (or more) of our Special Workshops!

Tuesdays and Thursdays are fully dedicated to Conversation practice and Wednesdays for Workshops - so you don't have to choose, you can do both! 

View a Printable Timetable here!

First Level!

  • Elementary 1 Intensive - our very first level! Meant for students who plan to continue on. This is a 15hr course with 3hr classes. You'll have three clases in the first week and two classes in the second. 


Beginner Conversation (4.5-hr) - consolidate topics of Elementary 1. Good if you’ve learned some Spanish informally (through traveling/apps/friends) or if you’ve completed Elementary 1 and need some revision/practice.

Practice talking about yourself and others, masculine and feminine nouns and adjectives, basic present tense verbs and more. You will be doing 3 x 1.5hr classes, the first one on Thursday (21st) then on Tuesday (26th) and Thursday (28th). 


Elementary Conversation A1 (8-hr) – reviews topics studied up to and including Elementary 4. Suitable for students Elementary 3 - Lower Intermediate 2

Practise present tense verbs, vocab for introductions, getting to know people, describing things, talking about friends/family, daily routines, ordering food, likes/dislikes and much more! You'll have 4 x 2hr classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Intermediate Conversation A2-B1 (8-hr)  – for Lower Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels

Lots of practice with past tenses, direct/indirect object pronouns, reflexive verbs, gustar, tener que, ir a, estar + continuous, and the future tense. You'll have 4 x 2hr classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


These are our short-and-sweet 2-hr Workshops designed to address the most common but easy-to-fix difficulties (Ser o Estar and Por y Para) or to have some fun with the language!


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