1. Make sure the date is no later than Saturday September 16
  2. Enrol in any of the Spring Intensives or a Term 4 course. You can do that online, in person or by phone:
    1. online: just select the bag in the cart when you're enrolling and select the location you'd like to pick it up from
    2. in person: easy! You will receive a bag as soon as you enrol
    3. by phone: one you've enrolled, just let us know the location you'd like to pick it up from
  3. Collect your lovely bag, put your books in and start wearing it!

Throw your books in and start wearing it!

Choose a Spring Intensive, Sep 26-Oct 6

Choose from:

  1. Elementary 1 (5 x 3-hour classes, 15 hours total)
  2. Conversation courses (5 x 2-hour classes, 10 hours total):
    1. Elementary
    2. Upper Elementary
    3. Intermediate
    4. Advanced
  3. Verb Workshop (single 3-hour sessions, do one or more)
    1. Basics (present tense in all its glory)
    2. Basics-PLUS (ir a + infinitive, tener que + infinitive, estar + gerundio, a taste of the past: present perfect)
    3. Past (the forms of the two big past tenses: indefinido (simple) and imperfecto (imperfect))
    4. Past-PLUS (the uses of the two big past tenses: indefinido and imperfecto)
    5. Subjunctive (present, forms and a couple of uses)

Check out what's on in the Spring Intensives ...

Do one Verb Workshop - or more!

Or maybe Term 4, 2017

Choose from all courses scheduled for Term 4 - here's a list of the types:

  1. 10-week Popular, all levels
  2. 5-week (3hr) Rápido, up to around Upper Elementary 3
  3. 10-week (3hr) Express, up to Upper Elementary 3
  4. 8-week (1.5hr) El Cheapo (same as Elementary 1 level)
  5. 5-week (1.5hr) Spanish for Travel - for travellers!

Have a look at the Enrol page to see what's available ...

Not sure which course is right for your Spanish level? Test your Spanish level now!

Ready to start learning? Find a class and enrol now!

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