Here, the El Patio team provides a list chock-full of great TV shows in the Spanish language, all available on Netflix! Our El Patio family is a diverse group, so here we’ve selected eight series, each with something different to offer. There’s something for todo el mundo!

Cut the brakes with DESENFRENADAS

This new series follows three upper-class Mexican women who’ve had enough of their monotonous lives. The three decide to leave home and take a road trip to far-off Oaxaca. But their journey changes completely when an unexpected fourth member decides to force herself into the group.

Buckle up.

Get into Mexican pop culture with LUIS MIGUEL, LA SERIE

This series depicts the life of legendary Mexican singer Luis Miguel, commonly known as El Sol de México (the Sun of Mexico). It's been crazy popular in Latin America, particularly in Mexico itself. If you’re after an introduction to a musical icon of the Hispanic world, start right here!

MONARCA is a straight shot of drama and intrigue

After spending 20 years living in Los Angeles, Ana María returns to Mexico in a bid to take over her family’s vast tequila empire. With corruption and betrayal around every corner, this family epic is also a fascinating look at the grubby underbelly of the business world.


We dare you to watch DIABLERO with the lights out

Mexico City has been abandoned by its guardian angels and overrun by demons, upsetting the balance good and evil. In this dark metropolis, citizens must fend for themselves against maleficent forces. That's where the diableros, or demon hunters, come in, charged with protecting the inhabitants of the city as all Hell breaks loose.

Strictly for thrill-seekers.

For classic mystery, check out ALTA MAR

Now several seasons in, Alta Mar takes us aboard a luxury liner in the 1940s, where a series of murders plunges the passengers into a sea of suspicion and uincertainty – with no safe port in sight. This Spanish murder mystery will have you second guessing yourself at every turn.

There are plenty of laughs in LOS BRICEÑO, UNA FAMILIA TODO TERRENO

Fresh out of Colombia, this comedy-drama series follows Chiqui, daughter of a family of muleros (truckers) who is thrown out of home after a fight with her father. Our protagonist must steer her way through the macho world of the trucking industry, and try to make herself a place in it. 

BOLÍVAR: UNA LUCHA ADMIRABLE is history at its most dramatic

An immense historical drama of 60 episodes, this epic series follows the life and exploits of famed Latin American independence fighter Simón Bolívar. Filled to the brim with stunning vistas, raging battles and fascinating character relationships, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Explore a dystopian future in LA VALLA

It's 2045, and Spain is once more a dictatorship. La Valla sees our protagonists struggle between a resource-devoid countryside and a deeply unequal city, where the rich and poor are quite literally divided by a wall. Add to this a deadly pandemic spreading across Spain, and you have a truly chilling dystopian drama on your hands. 


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