A HYBRID class in action in Northcote!

What is HYBRID and how do I know if my class is a HYBRID?

In our new HYBRID classes you can choose to attend the same class either Online or Face-to-Face in one of our centres.

In each HYBRID classroom, there is a video conference camera featuring a 360° lens, so that people at home can see around the whole table. This camera also has built-in microphones and a speaker, so everyone can be both seen and heard. We then stream the Zoom meeting onto a large TV so we can see everyone's lovely faces. The TV also doubles as a whiteboard! 

If your course is HYBRID it will say so in the class name - get in touch with us if you're still unsure.

How should I attend these classes?

We've kept our HYBRID classes at maximum flexibility. You don't need to let anyone know how you plan to attend each week - you call the shots! 

If you plan to attend in-person, simply show up at the right centre at the right time with your textbook and notepad (or be slightly early to collect your textbook from reception).

If you plan to attend online, simply log on to your El Patio student account and select "JOIN" next to your class.

Another successful HYBRID class!

How do we interact with those attending online?

If you're attending class in person, you will still need to be aware of the people attending from home. Here's how you can help make everyone's experience as good as it possibly can be:

  1. Much like on Zoom, if everyone is talking over each other it makes it very difficult to hear. Luckily, we've had to learn to take our turns on Zoom over the past year - so we're all well practiced now! Please avoid having private conversations in the classroom, as this may be confusing for those at home.

  2. As with all online conversations, there will be a slight delay between those in the classroom speaking and those at home hearing what is said and having a chance to respond. Try to be considerate in giving all of your classmates enough time to respond to the teacher and classmembers, taking this delay into account.

  3. Be cautious of background noise: flicking of pages, scraping of chairs on the floor, loud doors. Of course, some of this is unavoidable! But too much can sound unpleasant when picked up by our microphones. 

  4. Speak to the microphone in the middle of the table, and try to look towards the camera where possible.

  5. Remember, your online classmates are still your classmates! Include them as if they were there in person :)

Here's what a HYBRID class looks like from home!

 Check the enrol page for available HYRBID classes

Or if you're already enrolled in HYBRID class, we hope you enjoy your new found flexibility! 

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