One of our Classes at their El Patio Last Class Fiesta!

The last class of every Spanish Term sees our students bring along delicious food and nibbles, often paired with a wine or other drink, to have some fun and celebrate the end of the Term. You can bring whatever you like to share with the class, or cook something yourself – many of our teachers bring along traditional Spanish and Latin American food as well! Finally, no fiesta would be complete without a photo. That’s why our admin team goes around to each class and gets the perfect pic to share with our community on social media!

In 2020 and 2021, we had to slightly modify our Last Class Fiestas. Lockdown bought new challenges, but also new opportunities, like our Zoom Fiestas! Students still had food and drink galore, just from the comfort of their own homes instead. We also make our last class photos, or ‘screenshots’, a whole lot cooler. Not only do we get our students and teachers to wear a groovy hat or decoration, but there are so many cool filters and backgrounds to toy around with. All in all, you’ll definitely feel like it’s party time even in our online classes!

One of our Last Class Zoom Fiestas


We’ve been super impressed with the way our El Patio community has found such creative and engaging ways to celebrate each Term. Here are some of our tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Last Class Fiestas:

-    Bring along some shareable snacks so there’s plenty to go around for other students, your teachers, and even the staff! Or, make something of your own. We'd recommend Casa Iberica for Hispanic food and ingredients!

-    A party isn’t a party without some drinks, so bring your favourite beverage!

-    Be photo-ready by wearing something colourful or fun! This could be a kooky hat, a shirt with bright patterns, or even feel free to bring along your pet or some other mascot for the picture!

-    Performances in Spanish are also welcome, so feel free to prepare something to show your class!

And below, take a look at the rap one of our students, Ben Lam, made for his Last Class Fiesta!

Already want to get cooking for your Last Class Fiesta? Take a look at our Recipes blogs for some great inspiration!

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